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About Krabi Bus Terminal 

Krabi Bus Terminal is a major bus station in the district of Krabi serving as a point of arrival and departure for long-distance bus services. Buses from the bus terminal head to various seaside resorts as well as numerous cities located within the southern parts of Thailand. VIP buses are also available in Krabi Bus Terminal offering comfortable seats with cooling air-conditioning system to assist long-haul journeys. 

Popular Routes 

Popular bus routes to and from Krabi Bus Terminal in Thailand 

How to Get to Krabi Bus Station 

Situated conveniently in the centre of Krabi, Krabi Bus terminal is accessible through several modes of transportations such as motorbike taxis, tuk-tuks as well as local taxi services. The bus station is within a 5-minute drive from Ruamphat Hospital and approximately 5 minutes of a walking distance from Old Market Pharmacy to Krabi Bus Terminal. 

Popular Operators 

Government and privately-owned bus operators can be found in Krabi Bus Terminal serving bus services to many destinations in Thailand. Operators provided at the bus terminal include Phantip TravelThai Sriram Transport and a few others. 

Facilities in Krabi Bus Stop 

The newly built bus terminal in Krabi offers bilingual signages to assist a variety of guests for better navigation. Other facilities provided at the bus station at the bus station include free WiFi service, coffee shops, clean toilets, a canteen as well as several bus ticket counters. 

Top features: 

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Krabi Bus Terminal Contact Details

Krabi Bus Terminal, Tambon Pak Nam, Krabi, Thailand
+66 075 611 804

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