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Easybook Announces Brand New Service: Booking Local Tours

Easybook Announces Brand New Service: Booking Local Tours

June 7th, 2015

Easybook, one of the largest online ticket booking portal is proud to announce the launch of its yet another service, booking local tours. Easybook in association with the notable travel and tour agents in Singapore plans to plan your vacation. The online booking platform offers a range of local tours in and around Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

A variety of tour packages are available with Easybook for booking. The Malaysia tour available for online booking include City Discovery in Kuala Lumpur and Island Hopping in Langkawi. The Indonesian tours include Phi Phi Island speed boat tour and elephant trekking in Phuket. Easybook's association with reputed travel agents like Emerging View lets you have the time of your life.

Easybook has tour packages made for every kind of traveller. It is somewhat obsessed with finding and providing the best to its customers at the best prices. With the local tours and activities handpicked by the portal, you would certainly have an exceptional experience. Easybook offers some of the best deals in local tours which makes the trip even better. The low price guarantee with exceptional service would put your pocket at ease.

About Easybook

Easybook is the easiest and the fastest way to book tickets online. It is one of the largest online booking portal which provides almost any kind of booking and has made life easy since its inception. With reputed partnerships, it has successfully provided quality services to the customers all these years and will continue to do so.

Source: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/release-608553.htm

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