Take a ride with KTM train to Alor Setar

Take a ride with KTM train to Alor Setar

The ETS (Electric Train Service) is an inter-city rail service launched by railway operator Keretapi Tanah Melayu or also known as KTM Berhad that started operation in 2010. Since the train service was launched, it has brought many benefits to the locals and travellers including Alor Setar, Kedah in Peninsular Malaysia. Travelling to Alor Setar have become less hassling these days with the ETS train service. KTM ETS trains are used to replace the old train services in Peninsular Malaysia and the speed is much faster so it helps to cut down on the travel time. It is definitely very convenient to board the train to Alor Setar from cities like KL, Penang or Perak as the train terminals are located in these cities.

Alor Setar is the appealing state capital of Kedah located at the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. This peaceful and charming city is very near to the Thai border, so it can get rather crowded with visitors during weekends and holiday seasons. Get the ETS train ticket conveniently on Easybook by following this simple booking guide in order to travel by train to Alor Setar with family and friends.

Popular Train Routes from Alor Setar

The other popular city in Peninsular Malaysia near to Alor Setar is Penang. The express train requires about 2 hours to travel from Alor Setar to the major Penang train station which is Butterworth Train Station. Penang is famously known as the food paradise as well as a recognized as a UNESCO heritage site in Malaysia. People would travel from all over the world to visit Penang all year long by the ETS train from Alor Setar to Butterworth and they are available on Easybook too.

Kuala Lumpur or famously known just as KL is the bustling capital city of Malaysia that is surrounded by commercial centers, government offices as well as many tourist spots. The train route from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur is one of the popular train routes to travel into this great city. The daily train routes and train schedules are available on Easybook website where travellers are able to check for the train schedule online before proceeding to purchase the train tickets. It takes approximately 6 hours to travel with ETS train from Alor Setar to KL so just sit back and enjoy the views of the different towns from the window seat.

Things to do in Alor Setar

The most significant landmark in this capital city of Kedah is Menara Alor Setar which is the tallest structure that can be spotted from almost anywhere. By purchasing the ticket at the counter at the bottom entrance of this 165.5-meter building, travellers can access to the top with an elevator go to the viewing deck to see the beautiful city view of Alor Setar. It is also a good idea to visit the tower at night when the city lights up in the dark.

Another iconic landmark in Alor Setar city is the Zahir Mosque. Zahir Mosque is very popular and was rated as one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. This mosque that was built in 1912 is also known as one of the oldest mosques in Malaysia as well. Make sure to follow the protocols before entering the mosque to be amazed by the designs with the three regions of Middle East, India and Malaysia blended as one. The 100 years old mosque also creates amazing photographic moments that makes the express train to Alor Setar ride worth it.

Getting a train to Alor Setar city and visit these travel’s famous spots for a shot getaway will end you up with some sweet memories.

Besides the stunning landmarks in the city upon arriving in Alor Setar by train, enjoy the scenic views of the paddy fields at the outskirt of the city. Kedah is known as a major paddy supplier in Malaysia as well as being known to have high demands for its export business. Chances to visit the paddy field does not come every day so do not miss out on this opportunity.

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