Take a ride with KTM train to Tanah Merah

Take a ride with KTM train to Tanah Merah

Taking the KTM train to Tanah Merah isn't only one of the safest ways to travel, but also one of the most comfortable. It also offers you a more adventurous way to travel to your chosen destination. You will find when you travel by train that it is much more relaxing than when flying. As the train makes its way to the town of Tanah Merah, Kelantan you have the opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery that you pass through. Plus traveling is a more civilized way to travel compared to riding on a cramped bus or plane.

The trains leave for Tanah Merah often. You can also take the train from Singapore to Tanah Merah, and the journey takes around 14 hours to complete. But the fares are reasonable when compared to what you would pay for flights. What you pay depends on whether you choose to just book a seat or a compartment, where you can spend the night sleeping and the type of coach selected.

Buying tickets is easy. You can buy them when you arrive at the station your journey begins from. But if you want to save money and time then booking online is the better option. In some cases you may find that you could save as much as 5% or more on the costs of these fares.

If you were to book your tickets for the train to Tanah Merah through Easybook.com not only are you provided with a quick and secure way to get your tickets. But also you will find that we are able to provide you with information about the route the train is going to take. Allowing you the opportunity to make a note of anything of interest that you especially want to look out for as the train hurtles along.

* ລາຄາສູງກວ່າຂາຍທີ່ເຄົາເຕີເລັກນ້ອຍພຽງ 0.01% ເອງ. ** ໃຊ້ໄດ້ສຳລັບການເຮັດທຸລະການໂດຍບໍ່ຕ້ອງໃຊ້ລະຫັດສ່ວນຫຼຸດ ແລະ ເສັ້ນທາງທີ່ສະເໜີໃຫ້ໂດຍບໍລິສັດບາງບໍລີສັດເທົ່ານັ້ນ. *** ໃຊ້ໄດ້ສະເພາະບາງເສັ້ນທາງເທົ່ານັ້ນ, ສ່ວນຫຼຸດຕ່າງໆໄດ້ລວມໄປທີລາຄາປີ້ຮຽກຮ້ອຍແລ້ວ (ເຊັນລາຄາຕໍ່າກວ່າລາຄາທີຂາຍຢູ່ເຄົາເຕີ). * ພາບລົດເປັນພຽງຮູບເພື່ອໃຊ້ໃນການອ້າງອີງເທົ່ານັ້ນ. * ເວລາການເດີນທາງເປັນພຽງການຄາດຄະເນເທົ່ານັ້ນ.