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Train Stations

About Triang Railway Station

Teriang or Triang is located within the district of Bera in the many agrarian parts of Pahang. The town was once recognised for its vast area of rubber estate whereby the majority of the locals stated that they were earning their living from just furnishing the existing rubber estate. Following the town’s development plans, palm oil plantations have been added with the objective to improve the diversity of the town’s agricultural elements.

Within the town of Triang, Triang Railway Station is one of the notable stations running on the route of KTM’s East Coast Line. The train station hosts KTM Intercity trains heading to various stops along the East Coast Line route.

How to Get to Teriang Train Station

For easy access to Triang Railway Station, travellers and locals are encouraged to take KTM Intercity trains running through the route of the East Coast Line. For departures from Gemas Train Station, train services head directly towards Triang Railway Station without the need for any train interchange. Train rides to get to the train station in Triang from Gemas will take approximately 2 and a half hours upon arrival. Please check and review train schedules beforehand to ensure a smooth travel journey.

Popular Train Operator

KTM Berhad (KTMB) is the only train operator employing Triang Railway Station achieving favourable reviews from numerous passengers. KTM offers convenience by providing various routes to other states besides Pahang along with comprehensive train schedules so that everyone can commute via train services easily. KTM is largely regarded as a reliable train operator yielding decent services and attracting more confidence from passengers to utilise its train services. Please note that Triang Railway Station only provides train services through KTM Intercity whereby KTM ETS is not available at the station.

Popular Train Routes

Popular routes from Triang Railway Station in Pahang

Facilities in Triang Railway Station

Situated within a rural town in Pahang, Triang Railway Station is often regarded as an old train station. Nonetheless, operations within the station are efficient equipped with sufficient facilities for the convenience of public use.

Among the top features offered within Triang Railway Station include ticketing counters for ticket purchase and collection upon train departures. A sheltered waiting area is also provided just beside the train platform fully equipped with benches so passengers can comfortably be seated while waiting for the trains to arrive.

Top Features:


As Triang is not a tourist destination and is hardly known, most would wonder what is there to do in this rural town. Practically, Triang portrays a laidback culture offering peace as well as serenity for every visitor that passes by with friendly and interactive locals. City folks will appreciate their visits to this relaxing town in the countryside as it enables them to escape from the hectic metropolitan life and breathe fresher air surrounded by a tranquil ambience.

Getting to Pahang is now even easier with cheap train tickets as well as various and regular train schedules by boarding trains running through Triang Railway Station. Easybook offers a platform to book train tickets conveniently so that everyone can get to their desired destination without any hassle. Head over to Easybook’s website now to review train schedules as well as train routes.

Teriang Railway Station Contact Details

Triang Railway Station, Taman Orket, 28300 Teriang, Pahang
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