New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day 2019

New Year's Day is a public holiday on 1 January 2019 in all states except for Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Terengganu. Schools and most businesses are closed on New Year Day.

Date Day Holiday States
1 Jan Tuesday New Year’s Day National except Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis & Terengganu

bout New Year’s Day

According to the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Day marks the start of a new year. Although the history of marking the beginning of a new year dates back since ancient times, it is considered a relatively modern practice.

It is crucial to take note that not all cultures abide by the Gregorian calendar. For instance, Hindu, Chinese and Islamic calendars vary in New Year's Eve and New Year Day dates, resulting in different dates compared to the Gregorian calendar. This is because most cultures follow the lunar calendar system in contrast to the solar calendar system of the Gregorian calendar. All cultures have their unique celebration in ushering the New Year.

New Year’s Day Traditions

There are various New Year Day celebrations across different cultures but what remains the same between Malaysia and most countries are the New Year’s Eve countdown and the fireworks display.

To welcome the new year 2019, there will be events such as concerts and performances from celebrities of all races usually held at major venues such as Putrajaya and KLCC Park. The highlight of the night would be the countdown herald by loud cheers of “Happy New Year” from the crowd followed by a dazzling fireworks display brightening the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

Local celebration with fireworks is also happening in other states. Besides that, most Malaysians would go out shopping, feasting or spend quality time with family and friends on New Year’s Eve.

Travelling Tips

Traffic will be congested during holiday seasons such as during New Year Day with most Malaysians heading back to their respective destinations to be with family and loved ones. The holidays are also the time when most Malaysians go out and drive across the country. Travellers must expect to see the sight of standstill traffic especially in cases of bad weather, accidents or vehicle breakdown.

If you are using public transportation, avoid facing the road hassle that comes with New Year Day by planning accordingly. Try setting a date and buy transportation tickets early. Take leave a few days before the official holiday date. For long distance travel, wear comfortable clothes and make sure to bring enough drinks, foods or snacks so you don’t have to go hungry on the road or risk queuing in long lines at each stop. Lastly, use GPS navigation apps to avoid the traffic ahead.

Places to go

Considered as one the most attractive destination in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is perfectly assorted with incredible spots that will suit your celebration style to have a happy New Year. From upscale townships to peaceful euphoric scenes, Malaysia is your oyster and given that New Year day is approaching, why not treat yourself? Enjoy the exciting celebration among the lively Penang crowd, wake up to the scenic view of the chilly mountains in Sabah or on the sandy white beaches in Langkawi.

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