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Easybook Partner with Perak Transit to Offer Online Bus Ticket Service

Easybook Partner with Perak Transit to Offer Online Bus Ticket Service

March 27th, 2014

Easybook.com, the largest booking portal, is proud to announce the launching of one of the well-known express bus company in Perak - the Perak Transit. Easybook will partner with Perak Transit to give online bus ticket service.

Perak Transit is known for giving efficient and comfortable bus services to its passengers around the state of Perak. The newest partnership with Easybook.com allows them to distribute various tickets. The bus ticket in this online booking portal is relatively cheap compared to others. This is the main reason why most people are excited to buy ticket online.

Perak Transit is not just a famous express bus in Malaysia. It is also one of the most comfortable and safest bus journeys to multiple towns and cities within the state. Some of Perak Transit's well-known bus routes include bus route from Lumut to Sri Iskandar, Sri Manjung and to Ipoh Amanjaya to Ipoh Medan Kidd bus terminal.

Since the bus ticket has cheap rates, travelers don't have to worry on how to travel from one place to another. They just need to get the express bus tickets at Easybook.com and start traveling. People who opt to get tickets at this online booking portal don’t have to spend more time and effort. In just a single click of their mouse, they can get a ticket for their daily trip.

With great partnership of Easybook.com and Perak Transit, travelers have a chance to get tickets online. It means that they don't need to visit the main office of Perak Transit. Through this, more and more people prefer to visit Easybook.com.

Upon getting the tickets of Perak Transit, travelers need to go to the terminal a few minutes before their departure time. Since Perak Transit has an elegant and stylish bus design, people who opt to travel will experience a great satisfaction. They will also arrive in their destination in a stress-free, convenient, comfortable, and safe way. As expected, Easybook.com will get more customers every day. Most people prefer to get a bus ticket of Perak Transit for a safe trip.

Source: http://bikingtomars.com/easibook-partner-with-perak-transit-to-offer-online-bus-ticket-service

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