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About Bua Yai Junction Railway Station

Bua Yai is a district in the northern part of Nakhon Ratchasima Province at the north central of Thailand. This town had several name changes before it was officiated and renamed to Bua Yai. After railway network in Bua Yai was developed, commuting to Bua Yai from various destinations by train is made possible and convenient. Bua Yai Junction Railway Station is a first-class train station that serves as the main train terminal in the province.

Bua Yai Junction is one of the railway stations that operate the North-eastern Line covering 20 stations along the route. There are 10 daily trains provided at this train station, however, during festive seasons such as New Year’s, Songkran or any other holidays, additional train services will be added. This train station also functions as a refuelling stop for many trains that travel between Kaeng Khoi and Bua Yai, as well as trains to and from Nakhon Ratchasima.

How to Get to Bua Yai Junction Train Station

The simplest way to get to Bua Yai Junction Railway Station is by boarding a train from any train station on the North-eastern Line that goes to Bua Yai. The travel duration differs by the departing station; the longer the distance, the longer the travel time. Travellers can refer to the train map and timetable to confirm the route.

From the area of Bua Yai itself, travellers can opt the local transportations such as tuk-tuk or motorbike taxi that can be grabbed from the streets or any nearby landmarks. These rides are not difficult to find as they are almost everywhere in the city. Some of the famous landmarks include Bua Yai Hospital, Bua Yai Market, Bua Yai District Agriculture Office and Bua Yai Provincial Court. It only takes around 5 to 15 minutes to get to Bua Yai Junction train station from the landmarks mentioned above.

Popular Train Operator in Bua Yai Junction Railway Station

State Railway of Thailand operates train services in Bua Yai Junction rail station. The company is the pioneer for railway services in the nation. They have been connecting millions of passengers to many destinations across Thailand every year for centuries.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Bua Yai Junction Railway Station in Thailand

Facilities in Bua Yai Junction Railway Station

Same as other railway stations in Thailand, Bua Yai Junction train station is completed with basic amenities that are enough to facilitate passengers and guests. Some of the facilities include a sheltered waiting area, toilets, ticket counters and parking lots. Bua Yai Junction rail station operates within the usual opening hour. An automated teller machine (ATM) is also provided so that everyone can straightaway withdraw their money at the station.

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Bua Yai Junction Railway Station is under the management of State Railway of Thailand that runs the trains on the North-eastern Line. Other railway stations in the route commuting from Bua Yai Junction include Bangkok, Don Muang, Ban Phachi Junction, Nakhon Ratchasima, Udon Thani and many more.

Bua Yai Junction Railway Station Contact Details

Bua Yai, Bua Yai District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30120, Thailand
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