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About Segamat Bus Station

"Welcome to Segamat – The Land of the King of Fruits" is the recent slogan used to attract tourists to visit Segamat, Johor in Malaysia. The slogan indicates that Segamat is famous for producing quality durians, especially during the fruiting seasons. Segamat is the fifth largest town in the northern region of Johor and it is situated in the centre which equates to a similar distance between Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Segamat proposes modern establishments such as shopping centres, hotels, handicraft centre and agri-tourism where tourists will get the chance to experience the town like a local. Some of the outdoor attractions that are accessible from Segamat are Gunung Ledang and Hutan Lipur Sungai Bantang.

The main public transportation hub in Segamat which serves as the point of departure and arrival for the express bus is Segamat Bus Station. Bus operators at this station provide scheduled trips carrying passengers to Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Kelantan and many other states. The station is 2 storeys high where bus platforms are on the first floor and the ticket offices are on the second floor of the building. Another transportation service available in the town is Segamat Train Station which is located just opposite to Segamat Bus Station. The location of Segamat Bus Station is convenient for the locals and visitors to leisurely spend their time as it neighbours 1 Segamat Shopping Mall and shophouses in the town.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Segamat Bus Station

How to Get to Segamat Bus Terminal

There are two public transport selections to go to Segamat Bus Station, but the easiest way is by using express bus services that depart to Segamat Bus Station directly without needing any interchanges. If travelling from KL, it will usually take 3.5 hours to reach Segamat Bus Station. Same goes to any other states in Peninsular Malaysia that have various access to Segamat Bus Station as there are a lot of bus operators that provide multiple trips to Segamat.

By train, passengers will have to take the KTM ETS ride from KL Sentral leading to Gemas Train Station. From Gemas, an interchange train is required, but there will only be one train stop to arrive at Segamat Train Station. Upon arriving, a 2-minute walk is required to get to Segamat Bus Station. Train ride option is also applicable in different states where ETS is available. For instance, from Melaka, the ETS can be taken at Batang Melaka Train Station, which is only one stop away from Gemas Train Station.

Intercity bus services that take passengers to other Johor districts are provided. Some of the districts in Johor that offer trips to Segamat are Chaah, Johor Bahru and Muar. There are no shuttle buses available if travelling within the town of Segamat, therefore, getting to Segamat Bus Station can only be done by using taxi services or personal cars.

Popular Bus Operators

There are numerous bus operators that serve at Segamat Bus Station, among the popular ones that provide departure trips to and from KL are KKKL Express and Transnasional. Cepat & Cekap Express is the operator that provides intercity buses to various districts in Johor. Each bus operator has scheduled destinations going to different bus stations and terminals.


As a bus transportation hub, Segamat Bus Station receives visits from guests all over Malaysia and other countries, especially during the peak holiday seasons when travelling becomes essential. Hence, basic facilities are provided at the terminal to assist bus passengers who board or alight at the bus station. Note that the toilet and prayer room can only be used until 10:00 PM. Travellers can go for a quick tour of the shopping mall next to Segamat Bus Station to fill in the extra time before departure.

Top Features:


A trip to Segamat by public transport is becoming less complicated as there are many bus operators offering bus services that vary by destination in Segamat Bus Terminal. Shopping malls, shop houses, restaurants and coffee shops are available in the town, so access to food should never be a problem for visitors. As the land of the king of fruits, Segamat is considered as the top attraction for durian lovers. For fun-filled recreational activities, visitors can visit Gunung Ledang and Hutan Lipur Sungai Bantang. Note that these attractions are not located in Segamat, but they are reachable within an hour's journey by car.

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Segamat Bus Station Contact Details:

Jalan Abdullah, Kampung Chabong, 85000 Segamat, Johor
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