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About SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station

The SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station is located in the Pasir Mas district in Kelantan. The district is strategically situated in the middle with Kota Bharu to the east and Thailand to the west. The building is relatively simple with vast compounds for the buses. Like most bus terminals, it is at the centre of the town and is conveniently close to a lot of shops and various banks, namely Ambank, Bank Islam and RHB.

There are a lot of landmarks like the Sekolah SK Dato Abdul Hamid and Dataran Air Muleh near the bus terminal, however, it does not count as a tourist attraction but a place that visitors can refer to in case they are lost. A famous place for tourists is Wat Uttamaram also known as Wat Bangsek (or Bang Saet) to the locals. This Thai Buddhist temple is lauded for its beautiful architecture and it is about 20 minutes away from the Pasir Mas bus station.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station in Kelantan

How to Get to SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station

For visitors to reach the Pasir Mas bus station, access can be attained via taxis, buses, cars and trains. The bus terminal is only 5 minutes away from the train station, passengers from the southern states like Johor or Selangor can board the train which takes around 5 hours to Pasir Mas train station and then proceed to walk to the nearby bus terminal.

Buses tend to be the favourite choice of public transportation to Kelantan, but it is worth mentioning that buses departing from any state capital with Kota Bharu as the final destination might not pass through Pasir Mas. So kindly refer to the bus operators regarding the matter to avoid any interruption in your travels. Passengers will not find a problem getting a bus ticket to Pasir Mas from Kuala Lumpur as the route is very popular.

Popular Bus Operators

Passengers can choose from various bus companies operating in the SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station including Ekspress Mutiara and Perdana Express. The available operators mentioned may vary with other places.


The SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station has been around for quite some time now and remains an important fixture for the people of Pasir Mas. Generally, it is a decent bus terminal situated beside the railway station of Pasir Mas. It is especially convenient for transit passengers due to its proximity to the railway station.

There are not many facilities that passengers can go by at the terminal, but the available basic amenities are restrooms and bus ticketing counters. Passengers can check for bus schedules and ticket prices at any counters that are open. The Pasir Mas bus station does provide a spacious as well as sheltered waiting area for passengers to wait for the buses. Convenient stores and small food stalls are within walking distance in the area for passengers to get food and beverages.

Top Features:


Pasir Mas is a peaceful town that has its appeals to travellers who want to escape from the bustling city. It also has a strong Thai influence in the food and its people which is worth experiencing for. Come and visit this small town with express buses that will arrive directly at the SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station and start exploring.

No contact number is available for the SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station at the moment, so if you’re looking for easy online bus ticket bookings, do not hesitate to check out Easybook. It offers an easy-to-navigate platform for you to travel anywhere at any given time. Book your bus tickets now!

SKMK Pasir Mas Bus Station Contact Details:

Stesen Bas SKMK Pasir Mas, 17000 Pasir Mas, Kelantan
Not available

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