Thailand Private Airport Transfer Service

Thailand is without a doubt one of the most visited countries in the Southeast Asian region as well as the world. There are the breathtaking beaches, delicious street food and the fabulous shopping experience that contributes to its massive tourism appeal. Countless tourists, especially youngsters, turn up at Thailand for a genuine backpacking experience while others make it a dream honeymoon retreat.

Millions arrive at the international airport operating in Bangkok which is the Suvarnabhumi Airport, commonly known as the Bangkok Airport. Visitor arrivals are growing rapidly which does create a hassle for them to move from the airport to elsewhere. Passengers would oftentimes settle for public transportation operating outside of the airport grounds such as a taxi cab from the regular taxi service without being aware of a much better solution.

Airport transfers are essential whether it is a business trip or solo travel in securing a personalised airport transfers to help get to the desired destination at a timely manner. Furthermore, transfer services are always available at most flight terminals with a wide selection of airport transfers to choose from be it the airport shuttle bus or an airport limousine. The purpose of the service is to assist visitors in having a positive experience at the terminal by relishing in a stress-free and cosy ride.

Type of Airport Transfer Service in Thailand

Travelling from Suvarnabhumi Airport located 30 KM east of downtown Bangkok can be effortless when deciding to book airport transfers from the flight terminal. Services of these airport transfers will stretch out to downtown areas surrounding the tourist destinations namely Pattaya, Hua Hin, Cha-Am and Pranburi.

For travellers looking for airport transfers to the city, the taxi cab is a great choice. The Bangkok airport taxi service use meters to set taxi fare as well as tacking on 50 Baht for the airport fee. The 30 minutes commute will cost you about 250 Baht.

Other more convenient option such as hotel transfers can also be arranged to get airport transfers directly to the respective hotel in Bangkok. Many hotels have included airport transfers in their services to which they may even offer a paid option for the transfer upon booking the room. Private transfers are also a growing demand, commonly used among tourists particularly to popular destinations that are remote. Travellers can resort to book airport transfers as a means of safety assurance if you are staying somewhere very local, be it on a remote island or a rural village.

Lastly, if you have the extra budget to splurge on, you can shift to fast track VIP service that is basically a meet and greet service. The service is unique in a sense where a reliable airport employee will give assistance in all the airport concerns starting at the arrival gate all the way to immigration, luggage, customs and to the driver.

Choices are aplenty with the extensive vehicles' lineup. Take your pick in either airport limousine, Japanese sedans, European luxury cars or commuter vans. All transportations can accommodate from three to ten people.

Popular Taxi Thailand to/from Airport Routes

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the most popular international airport in all of Thailand, further reinstates its status as a popular route among tourist. However, there are just as many airport routes that have since rise with foreign travellers namely at Hatyai Airport, Suratthani Airport, Phuket Airport, as well as Krabi Airport.

Services at these airports include airport shuttle in addition to the vehicles already mentioned above upon request like the airport limousine or the taxi cab. The price flexibility of airport transfers in places like Phuket and Krabi do depend on the car brand together with the facilities inside so choose the one that is most suitable for your trip.

  • From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok
  • From Suvarnabhumi Airport to Ayutthaya
  • From Hatyai Airport to Padang Besar, Songkhla
  • From Hatyai Airport to Phuket
  • From Suratthani Airport to Khao Sok, Suratthani
  • From Suratthani Airport to Koh Chang, Trad
  • From Phuket Airport to Phuket
  • From Phuket Airport to Koh Lanta
  • From Krabi Airport to Krabi
  • From Krabi Airport to Koh Lanta

Thailand Airport Transfer Prices:

Departure PointArrival Pick-up PointFares start from
Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)Bangkok (any hotel)2000 THB (3-seater car)
Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)Ayutthaya Town, Ayutthaya1900 THB (3-seater car)
2200 THB (9-seater van)
Hatyai Airport (Songkhla)Padang Besar, Songkhla1400 THB (3-seater car)
1500 THB (9-seater van)
Hatyai Airport (Songkhla)Phuket Town, Phuket5000 THB (9-seater van)
Suratthani AirportKhao Sok, Suratthani2200 THB (3-seater car)
2500 THB (9-seater van)
Suratthani AirportKoh Chang, Trad4000 THB (3-seater car)
4300 THB (9-seater van)
Phuket AirportPhuket Town, Phuket800 THB (4-seater car)
1000 THB (10-seater van)
Phuket AirportKoh Lanta (any hotel), Krabi3900 THB (4-seater car)
4100 THB (10-seater van)
Krabi AirportKrabi Town / Klong Jilad Pier400 THB (4-seater car)
4500 THB (10-seater van)
Krabi AirportKoh Lanta (Klong Dao / Sala Dan / Long Beach / Klong Khong)2200 THB (4-seater car)
2400 THB (10-seater van)

Book Thailand Airport Transfer Service with Easybook

Easybook aims to put forward exceptional airport transfers at reasonable price because we understand what customers may need especially when travelling to new locations. We are proud to be known as a competent service provider that can vouch your trust in selecting the airport transfers offered in Thailand.

Please be clear of the benefits that comes with the service such as free cancellation where you can alter your decision for free in 1 hour before one-way airport transfers and 24 hours before hourly bookings. There are no hidden alarms that might spoil your holiday mood as we cover all-inclusive rates that counts taxes, tolls, fees plus gratuities of the airport transfers requested.

It doesn't take long to fall in love with the beautiful Thailand as most visitors come back for more. Come prepared to the “Land of Smiles” in Southeast Asia to make the trip as memorable as possible. Book airport transfers in advance to save the trouble upon arrival and breeze through the airport hall.

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