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Train Service in Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine or Moulmein is one of the emerging cities in Myanmar that provide travellers with convenient yet efficient transportation services to get around. Although the train service can be time-consuming and bumpy at times, it is still the chosen mode of transportation among locals and travellers that offers cheap train ticket price. Taking the train to Mawlamyine is more comfortable while being accompanied by the scenic view of the city.

The Mawlamyine Railway Station was rebuilt after the opening of the Thanlwin Bridge, hence connecting its trains to other national rail networks operated by the Myanmar Railways. Travellers can find several lines with different routes served by Myanmar Railways with Yangon Central and Mandalay Central acting as the anchor of the networks.

Serving as the southern hub of rail networks, the Mawlamyine Railway Station is reachable through Yangon to Mawlamyine train route with departure point from Yangon and having Dawei as the final arrival point. Travellers will encounter several cities and train stations in between the train routes such as Bago, Kyaikto and Ye that acts as the interchange station.

How to Get to Mawlamyine Station

Getting to Mawlamyine Railway Station is accessible through several means of transportation within the city. Located at the city centre, get to Mawlamyine Railway Station travellers can take a 5-minute bus from Mawlamyine Highway Bus Station.

For those who are taking the taxi or book a car from a ride-sharing app, it takes 10 minutes to reach Mawlamyine Railway Station from the Ngwe Moe Hospital. For those who are located near Shwe Myint Mo Tun Hotel, Sunshine Hotel or the Than Lwin Garden, it is only 5 minutes away from Mawlamyine Railway Station.

From Mawlamyine Airport, Mawlamyine Railway Station is only about 10 minutes by car but do take into consideration that it can be a bit expensive going with taxis or getting a ride-hailing services. It depends on travellers’ preference and budget as well.

Train Operator in Myanmar

The only rail operator serving the country is Myanmar Railways. Opting for a train to Mawlamyine has always been the chosen alternative for travellers and locals to get to the charming city without hassle. Take the Yangon to Mawlamyine train with Myanmar Railways via the Yangon – Mawlamyine Line.

Train Schedule From Yangon to Mawlamyine

Yangon – Mawlamyine Line

Train timetable departing from Yangon → Bago → Kyaikto → Mawlamyine → Ye → Dawei

Classes U, O U, O U, O
Train number 89 175 35
Yangon Depart 07:15 18:25 20:00
Bago Arrive 09:02 20:14 22:47
Depart 09:04 20:19 22:50
Kyaikto Arrive 11:55 23:17 01:27
Depart 11:57 23:20 01:30
Mawlamyine Arrive 16:50 04:00 06:00
Depart - 04:30 -
Ye Arrive/Depart - 10:25 -
Dawei Arrive - 19:00 -

[U: upper-class seat, O: ordinary seat]

Travellers should take note that trains 89, 175 and 35 are departing from Yangon. However, this train timetable is subject to change; thus, travellers are advised to double check the train timetable before purchasing the train tickets to avoid disappointments. On a side note, if travellers are getting to or from Dawei, you need to make a train transfer at Ye as it is considered as an interchange station of the train route. There are no sleepers class on any of these trains, just seats.

Train Fare To Mawlamyine

Before purchasing tickets for the train to Mawlamyine, travellers must provide your passport for a smoother transaction process. As for train ticket price, travellers will be charged accordingly to the seats chosen. For instance, the Upper-Class seat costs about USD14, while it is about USD6 for the Ordinary-Class seat. Children under 3 years old will not be charged, but children under 10 years old will have to pay half of the ticket fare.

Popular train routes to Mawlamyine

Things to do in Mawlamyine

Venture through the city of Mawlamyine through its crumbling colonial buildings and less-hectic streets filled with scooters instead of cars. This picturesque city has many attractions ready to be explored by travellers such as the Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda up on the hill for a good view of Mawlamyine, the Pa-Auk Forest Monastery for peaceful meditation or watch the beautiful sunset over the Strand Road to name a few.

Travellers may as well have a taste of Mawlamyine’s local delicacies while they are there such as the famous Thingyan Wax Rice. Take a visit to the Myo Ma Night Market as well as many shops are selling a variety of food to enjoy.

Traveller Info

Online bookings through Easybook must be made at least five days ahead of the departure date. Otherwise, tickets must be bought at the train station from which you will be departing. Passengers can book tickets at the railway station one day in advance for normal class seats and three days in advance for upper class seats; sleepers can be booked a week or two in advance.

Seats are usually numbered in all classes, passengers with reservations should be able to secure a seat. Trains and other public transport in general, tend to be heavily booked during then Thingyan festival in April. Booking early is highly recommended.

Please take note that travellers need to pay the train ticket in Kyat instead of USD, so make it simple by booking online through Easybook.


The city of Mawlamyine is indeed a hidden gem of Myanmar. With the accessible trains connecting to other national rail networks through Thanlwin Bridge, travellers can now conveniently get to the city by taking the Yangon to Mawlamyine train service via the Myanmar Railways. Besides that, travellers are also advised to plan future trips carefully and prepare for any alterations as the train timetable of Myanmar Railways is subject to change. Booking early train tickets are easier these days with the online booking system, so make sure to plan the travel journey to avoid disappointments.

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