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Train Service in Yangon

With the Yangon Central Railway Station acting as Burma’s main railway hub, taking a train to Yangon is seen as taking a ride through history from a modern, fast-paced city centre to paddy fields within seconds. Operated solely by Myanmar Railways, train to Yangon allows easy access to get to other towns and cities of Burma with affordable train ticket prices.

One of the train services available is the Yangon Circular Train that glides through its loop network from Yangon Central Railway Station to stations near the Yangon International Airport via Insein to the west and Okkalapa in the east. The loop consists of 39 stations in total and it takes at least 3 hours to complete the whole network.

Besides Yangon Circular Train service, travellers can access other railway lines via express trains that either pass through or terminate at Yangon Central Railway Station including Yangon-Mandalay Line, Yangon-Mawlamyine Line, Yangon-Bagan Line, Yangon-Shwenyaung (Inle Lake) Line and Yangon-Pyay Line.

How to Get to Yangon Central Railway Station

The looping network of Yangon Circular Train conveniently stops at the Yangon Central Railway Station as well as other parts of the city that ends with Yangon Central as the last stop. The Yangon Circular Train service operates daily starting from 3:45 AM until 10:15 PM

For those around the Thein Phyu Market, can take the local bus service from the bus stop nearby to get to Yangon Central Railway Station conveniently. Travellers can choose to book from a ridesharing service or take a taxi from nearby places like Sule Shangri-La Yangon, East Hotel or Saint Mary’s Cathedral that takes roughly about 5 minutes to get to the train station.

The shuttle bus service from Yangon airport also provides trips to Yangon Central Railway Station with ticket price of 500 Kyats per person. The air-conditioned buses start as early as 4:00 AM until 10:00 PM daily that departs from the airport every five minutes to Yangon Central Railway Station with multiple stops along the way and it takes approximately 30 minutes depending on the traffic.

Train Operator in Myanmar

Myanmar Railways is the main and national rail operator in Burma serving train to Yangon services to the locals and travellers conveniently from various destinations within the country.

Train Routes to Yangon

Mandalay – Yangon Line

Train timetable departing from Mandalay → Thazi → Naypyitaw → Taungoo → Bago → Yangon

Train Number 8 144/10 32 12 6 4
Classes U, O U, O U, O U, O U, O S,U,O,R
Mandalay Depart 6:00 15:00 17:00
Thazi Arrive - - - 8:51 17:46 19:46
Depart - 22:00 - 8:54 17:49 19:49
Naypyitaw Arrive - 2:04 - 11:51 20:33 22:48
Depart 20:00 2:09 8:00 11:54 20:36 22:51
Taungoo Arrive 22:32 5:16 10:56 14:41 23:08 1:17
Depart 22:35 5:36 10:59 14:51 23:18 1:27
Bago Arrive 2:55 11:59 15:20 18:56 3:13 5:46
Depart 2:58 12:11 15:23 18:59 3:16 5:49
Yangon Arrive 4:35 14:40 17:00 21:00 5:00 7:45

[S: upper-class sleeping car, U: upper-class seat, O: ordinary seat, R: restaurant]

From the train timetable shown above, train number 6 will be the current coach travelling from China, but this train does not provide sleeper car for travellers. Despite not having air conditioning system, travellers have windows to enjoy the cool breeze along with magnificent views of Burma’s countryside. If travellers wish to access the sleeper car, they will need to take train number 4.

The train ticket price for one-way of the Mandalay to Yangon train is about USD14 for the upper-class sleeper car, while the upper-class seat is USD10. Besides that, children under 3 years old will not be charged, but children under 10 years old pay half of the train ticket fare.

Bagan – Yangon Line

Train timetable departing from Bagan → Shwedagar/Pyay → Yangon

Train Number 62
Classes S, U, 2, O
Bagan Depart 17:00 (Day 1)
Shwedagar/Pyay Arrive/Depart 04:25 (Day 1)
Rangoon Arrive 10:30 (Day 2)

[S: upper-class sleeping car, U: upper-class seat, 2: second-class seat O: ordinary seat]

As for the second-class seat, it is quite similar to the ordinary seat ones, but with a bit extra padding for comfort.

The train ticket prices for train from Bagan to Yangon ranges from USD4 to USD17.

Inle Lake – Yangon Line

Train timetable departing from Inle Lake → Kalaw → Yangon

Train Number 142 12
Classes U, O U, 1, O
Shwenyaung (Inle Lake) Depart 8:00 -
Kalaw Arrive 11:30 -
Depart 11:45 -
Yangon Arrive 14:40 21:00

[U: upper-class seat, 1: first-class seat, O: ordinary seat]

All the train service for this route run daily. To gain access to the Inle Lake, travellers will disembark at Shwenyaung located 11 KM away from Nyaungshwe which the north entrance to the famous lake is. Upon arriving at Shwenyaung, there are plenty of local taxis and buses to get to the said entrance. Bring along extra money as there is an entrance fee for travellers to enter Inle Lake.

Dawei – Yangon Line

Train schedule departing from Dawei → Ye → Maylamyine → Kyaikto → Bago → Yangon

Train Number 90 36 176
Classes U, O U, O U, O
Dawei Port Depart - - 5:40
Ye Arrive/Depart - - 14:38
Mawlamyine Arrive - - 20:25
Depart 8:00 19:30 20:55
Kyaikto Arrive 12:31 23:52 1:23
Depart 12:33 23:55 1:30
Bago Arrive 15:22 2:42 4:10
Depart 15:24 2:45 4:13
Yangon Arrive 17:30 4:20 6:20

[U: upper-class seat, O: ordinary seat]

All the trains from the above train schedule runs daily. However, there is no sleeper car on trains from Dawei to Yangon route. Travellers getting to or from Dawei would need to make a train transfer at Ye to continue the journey towards Yangon.

The train ticket prices differ for each route ranging from USD2 to USD13.

Pyay – Yangon Line

Train schedule departing from Pyay → Yangon

Train Number 72
Classes O
Pyay Depart 23:30
Yangon (main station) Arrive 7:50

[O: ordinary seat]

All the trains for Pyay to Yangon route run daily. Train number 72 currently uses the new coaches from China with air suspension and clean, modern interiors. However, travellers can only access ordinary seats with this train service.

The train ticket price for this train route is approximately USD2 or 1,950 Kyat for one-way.

Popular train routes to Yangon

Things to do in Yangon

Have a taste of authentic Burmese experience by exploring plenty of places and attractions Yangon has to offer. Being the largest city in Burma, Yangon plains are scattered with sacred Buddhist temples worth visiting such as the uber-famous Shwedagon Paya, Meilamu Paya and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the charming and unique cultural puppet shows by Htwe Oo Myanmar Traditional Puppet Theatre.

Head over to the Bogyoke Aung San Market for some shopping especially for locally-made handicrafts and don’t forget to bargain with the vendors for the best price! Ignite your taste buds with local Burmese cuisines that will leave you wanting more.

Traveller Info

Travellers will have to pay the fare in Kyat at the counter but they can also pay with USD through Easybook booking system. Passport is needed when buying a train ticket. Do take note that during rainy seasons, the upper-class sleeper car would not be available for booking. Sometimes the restaurant will remain close as well, so be prepared to bring along some snacks and drinks onboard especially for a long-haul journey.

Online bookings through Easybook must be made at least five days ahead of the departure date. Otherwise, tickets must be bought at the train station from which you will be departing. Passengers can book tickets at the railway station one day in advance for normal class seats and three days in advance for upper class seats; sleepers can be booked a week or two in advance.

Seats are usually numbered in all classes, passengers with reservations should be able to secure a seat. Trains and other public transport in general, tend to be heavily booked during then Thingyan festival in April. Plan your trip wisely by making an early booking instead.

Please take note that travellers need to pay the train ticket in Kyat instead of USD, so make it simple by booking online through Easybook.


One of the most exciting places to visit in Southeast Asia is Yangon, which is the largest city in Burma. Take a train to Yangon to witness the day to day life of Yangonites as well as the amazing scenic views of its countryside with Myanmar Railway. Plan the trip carefully by checking the train schedule regularly as it is subject to change. Review the train schedule with the travel date and train ticket fare at Easybook today!

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