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Train Stations

About Arau Railway Station

The Arau Railway Station is located in Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia. Designed with a modern style with an added taste of royal architecture, the train station acts as the second last train stop for the KTM and the last train stop for ETS before reaching Padang Besar on the Malaysia-Thailand border. Situated in the royal town of Arau, there are many exciting things the town could offer to visitors. Many tourists would have a stopover at the town to visit the famous Arau Royal Palace, located just 14-minutes' walk from Arau Railway Station. For fans of beautiful sceneries, the charming view of green paddy-fields nearby the city would never disappoint.

Arau Railway Station is one of the two main train stations ever existed in the state of Perlis. The train station was built as part of the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrification and Double-Tracking Project. The old station was closed in 2011, as the new and uplifting design platform has replaced the old wooden railway at Arau Railway Station for public convenience. As the building process of the station’s new platform ended quite recently, the facilities provided at the train station are still functioning well.

How to Get to Arau Railway Station

Boarding ETS train services can easily reach Arau Railway Station by KTM Berhad. Passengers can take the fast-moving ETS train service from Kuala Lumpur city or any stations along the routes provided anytime they wish to. The journey from KL Sentral to Arau Railway Sation would usually take approximately 5 hours and 24 minutes.

If you are living within Arau, you can get to Arau Railway Station easily by driving, as the station is located exactly in the centre of the town that is surrounded by several establishments. Taxi is highly recommended for travellers over bus service as the bus schedule is quite limited. Besides the railway method, there are also taxi services from Arau that are heading towards Kuala Perlis. From Arau to Kuala Perlis, a taxi ride will take about 20 minutes to arrive by car.

Popular Train Services in Arau Railway Station

Currently, two train services are operating within Arau Railway Station, which is KTM ETS and KTM Komuter. Most of the routes operating within Arau Railway Station are operated via KTM Intercity train services. Travellers who are taking KTM Komuter instead should hop on KTM Northern Sector (Padang-Besar Butterworth route) to comfortably travel to their favourite destinations.

Popular Train Routes

Popular routes from Arau Railway Station in Perlis.

Facilities in Arau Railway Station

At Arau Railway Station, there are several facilities made available for travellers. Among them are parking spaces for visitors, public toilets, disabled-friendly facilities as well as a lift. Other than these basic facilities, there is also an information board and ticket counters provided inside the train station. The VIP room can be used upon request, especially for important meetings and discussions.

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Widely known as a gateway for travellers to travel to Langkawi and Thailand, the town of Arau is frequently visited by both local and international tourists. Travellers would usually take the train to Arau Railway Station before heading to Langkawi island via Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal. Do not forget to visit the historical monuments surrounding the town of Arau once you have successfully arrived here!

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Arau Railway Station Contact Details

Arau, 02600 Arau, Perlis
+604-986 1225

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