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About Chon Buri Railway Station

Located about 81 kilometres away from Bangkok, Chonburi is listed as one of the popular tourist destinations in Thailand for its stunning beaches and sea views. Chon Buri city is the capital of Chonburi Province situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The attractions in Chon Buri ranged from adventurous exploration to island hopping experience. With the establishment of the railway network in this city, it has become easier to travel to Chon Buri. 

Serving as one of the railway stations in ThailandChon Buri Railway Station operates Eastern Line train services for the route between Bangkok and Ban Phlu Ta Luang. The ordinary train is served during the weekdays, while rapid train runs only during the weekends at this train station. The train trip to Bangkok from Chon Buri is scheduled daily with four trains leaving from Chon Buri and arriving at Makkasan rail station in Bangkok. The trains pass by more than 20 railway stations, giving the opportunity for local and foreign tourists to travel to anywhere they prefer. 

How to Get to Chon Buri Station 

Having many different types of public transportation choices available in the town, travellers can get to Chon Buri Railway Station easily by using taxi, ride-sharing and tuk-tuk services. These rides are always available upon requests in Chon Buri, so travellers will not have any problem finding a trip to get to the train station. 

Getting to Chon Buri rail station is accessible from well-known nearby landmarks such as Chonburi Hospital, Saturday Evening Seafood Market, Central Plaza Chonburi, Wat Mai Ban Suan and Ang Sila Market. The train station is only distanced between 5 to 20 minutes from the mentioned landmarks. Travellers can also get to Chon Buri station from other locations by taxi. 

Popular Train Operator in Chon Buri Railway Station 

The State Railway of Thailand caters to the trains in Chon Buri Railway StationThis train operator has long been established since 1890, continuously serving millions of passengers every year. Aside from Eastern Line, State Railway of Thailand also operates Northern, Southern and North-Eastern Line where the trains commute to numerous destinations across Thailand 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Chon Buri Railway Station 

Facilities in Chon Buri Railway Station 

Chon Buri Railway Station provides basic facilities that are enough to accommodate for the public to use. Passengers will be facilitated by sheltered waiting area while waiting for the train to arrive at the platform. Standard waiting benches are also prepared to give convenience for the elderlies and those in need. There are also parking lots available for guests who wish to wait at the station while sending off family members or friends. The opening hour of this train station usually depends on the earliest and latest arrival as well as departure time of the trains 

Top features: 


Being one of the many railway stations in ThailandChon Buri Railway Station runs its train services via Eastern Line that passes by 23 railway stations including Bangkok. Travelling for holidays and business trips are made convenient by boarding a train. Aside from affordable train fare, passengers will have a relaxing time to their destination accompanied by beautiful views throughout the train journey. 

With an online booking platform provided, travellers can now make train ticket reservation on laptop or smartphone flexibly at anywhere and anytime. The customised searching setting for the train route easily helps everyone to review the train schedule or timetable, along with other important details such railway ticket price and time of departure. Waste no more time and start booking train tickets to and from Chon Buri today!

Chon Buri Railway Station

Ban Suan, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri 20000, Thailand
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