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About Kepong Sentral Station

Kepong Sentral Station was initially built in 2006 to accommodate passengers travelling within short-distance destinations in the region of Klang Valley. Later in 2010, the station added KTM Electric Train Service (ETS) routing all the way to Ipoh, Perak. The railway station is situated just beside Kuala Lumpur Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), a bustling road especially during peak hours. The construction of Kepong Sentral Station gives an impact as it alternatively helps to lessen the traffic situation around the area.

The station serves as one of the main railway stations in Kuala Lumpur providing both long-distance ETS and short-distance KTM Komuter train services. Kepong Sentral Station covers the route between Ipoh and KL Sentral for ETS services, covering various stops in Perak such as Tanjung Malim, Tapah Road and Ipoh. Train services within Kepong Sentral Station are often utilised as it caters for many long-distance ETS train trips.

How to Get to Kepong Sentral Station

The easiest way to get to Kepong Sentral Station is by using ETS and KTM Komuter trains. By ETS, take train from any of the ETS stations under Ipoh-KL Sentral route that commutes to Kepong Sentral. For KTM Komuter, you can refer to Tanjung Malim - Pelabuhan Klang - Tanjung Malim route. But due to maintenance work, direct train to Kepong Sentral from Pelabuhan Klang is temporarily served few times per day.

Within the Kepong area, RapidKL bus service number 801 serves a stop at KTM Kepong Sentral Station. The bus runs its services regularly with 16 stops ministering passengers who wish to get to Kepong Sentral Station through Bandar Utama-Metro Prima-Bandar Utama route.

Popular Train Operator

Both fast speed ETS trains and KTM Komuter services in Kepong Sentral Station are managed by KTM Berhad. Each service operates different train routes and lines; ETS serves only long-distance trips with limited schedules, while KTM Komuter transports passengers to short-distance train and bus stations including Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) within the same region.

Popular Train Route

Facilities in Kepong Sentral Station

As one of the main railway stations, Kepong Sentral Station provides basic facilities for the convenience of many passengers. Passengers can refer to the digital information display that shows the expected arrival as well as departure times of the ETS and KTM Komuter trains.

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Kepong Sentral Station hosts two train services namely ETS and KTM Komuter. The former covers long-distance destinations, offering passengers to travel up north to Ipoh in Perak while the latter covers destinations within the area of Klang Valley.

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Kepong Sentral Station Contact Details

Bandar Sri Damansara, 52100 Sungai Buloh, Selangor
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