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About Khon Kaen Railway Station

Khon Kaen Railway Station is in the royal land of Thailand, a country that is greatly adored around the world for its beauty. The rail station is comfortably placed in the Khon Kaen city, which is one of the four major cities in the Isan region. Also known as the "big four of Isan", Khon Kaen city’s fantastic facilities and well-developed infrastructures have never failed to attract local and international tourists to visit the place.

Situated in the primary hub of education and transport, Khon Kaen Railway Station is usually packed with passengers from all walks of lives, travelling to their preferred destinations. The railway Station is run by the country’s famous national train operator, which is the State Railway of Thailand via its North-Eastern Line. The rail station has many departures a day with trains that disembark here for passengers’ convenience. Situated in one of the major tourist cities of Thailand, Khon Kaen Railway Station offers systematic and regular train timetable daily for passengers’ comfort

Train services at Khon Kaen Railway Station run all the way from Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok, passing through Khon Kaen on its way to Nong Khai province. The train’s journey from Khon Kaen to Bangkok takes approximately 90 minutes to arrive. Many major hotels and midnight food markets are just within walking distance from the railway station. The strategic location of the rail station allows travellers to relax and explore deeper around the area while waiting for their trains to depart.

How to Get to Khon Kaen Train Station

There are a vast variety of transportations available for different need and budget within the city of Khon Kaen to get to the rail station. Travellers can easily travel to the station by boarding train services from any stations that are included in the train schedule en route to Khon Kaen Railway Station.

Travellers from within or outside the city can get to the railway station by taking public transportations that are available, such as metered taxis, songthaews (pick-up truck), and tuk-tuks (cycle rickshaws). The travel duration between the rail station from Khon Kaen Bus Terminal will take less than 10-minutes' drive to arrive.

Popular Train Operator in Khon Kaen Railway Station

Train services within Khon Kaen Railway Station are entirely operated by the only train service in the country, which is the State Railway of Thailand. The trains under this train operator commute to various destinations daily with systematic train timetable for passengers’ convenience. The same train company also serves other railway stations in other parts of the country.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Khon Kaen Railway Station in Thailand.

Facilities in Khon Kaen Railway Station

Travellers will be offered with basic facilities in Khon Kaen Railway Station in order to fulfil their needs in experiencing a comfortable train journey.

There is a parking space available at the train station as well as public toilets, sheltered waiting area and ticket counters. Khon Kaen Railway Station’s opening hour usually runs from early morning to late evening.

Top features:


Khon Kaen Railway Station helps connecting passengers to commute to their desired destination conveniently. The terminal served regular train schedule daily, which stop and depart at the rail station. With the systematic train services provided at the station by State Railway of Thailand, the travelling journey has been made easy and quicker for travellers.

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Khon Kaen Railway Station Contact Details:

Nai Mueang, Mueang Khon Kaen District, Khon Kaen 40000, Thailand.
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