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About Merapoh Railway Station

Pahang’s Taman Negara offers an abundance of attractions as well as amazing adventures. Ranging from walking on the world’s longest canopy, caving, fishing, and observing wildlife to visiting an aborigine village, Taman Negara yields an exquisite heritage. The national park is surrounded with 130 million-year-old virgin rainforests diffusing an aura that is out of this world.

The small town of Merapoh lies within the district of Lipis in Pahang, specifically situated next to the Pahang – Kelantan border. This remote town serves as a stop for tourists to pass by before heading to Sungai Relau, an entry point to Taman Negara. For that reason, Merapoh Railway Station becomes an integral part providing train services via KTM Intercity heading towards the national park. The train station displays a lively setting from time to time with strong presence of tourists from all around the world.

How to Get to Merapoh Train Station

Access to the train station can be attained by various means. The best option to get to Merapoh Railway Station is via KTM Intercity trains whereby trains will depart from Gemas Train Station covering the route on the East Coast Line.

Several express bus services from numerous locations including Kuala Lumpur, Bentong and Raub also head to Merapoh. Currently, no proper bus terminal can be accessed in Merapoh whereby bus services will likely stop about 700m towards the south of Merapoh Railway Station. To get to Merapoh, travel durations from KL will take around 5 hours and 30 minutes, about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Bentong as well as approximately 2 hours from Raub.

Popular Train Operator

Train operations within Merapoh Railway Station are currently furnished primarily by KTM Berhad connecting passengers regularly via various routes including the route running through the East Coast Line. KTMB is a trustworthy train operator within Malaysia establishing fame through its daily train services as well as providing comprehensive train schedules for the convenience of many travellers.

Popular Train Routes

Popular routes from Merapoh Railway Station in Pahang


Due to the small nature of the train station, not much is offered in Merapoh Railway Station. Nonetheless, several amenities are still provided for the convenience of public use.

Facilities such as ticketing counters can be accessed in Merapoh Railway Station. Its ticketing counters allow purchase as well as ticket collections for various train trips. Train schedules can also be reviewed through the counters. A sheltered waiting area is also provided within the train station to cater to passengers as they wait for train departures.

Top Features:


Merapoh Railway Station is best known among travellers as a boarding point to get to Sungai Relau; one of the entryways to Taman Negara. Beyond that, it is a central element in helping the locals around the town of Merapoh to utilise efficient public transportation services as well as providing connection to other parts of Malaysia.

Easybook offers a platform to book train tickets easily so that everyone can get to their desired destination without much of a hassle. With various train schedules, access to Pahang is now even easier with cheap train tickets by boarding trains running through Merapoh Railway Station. Please note that train services via KTM ETS are not offered within the train station. Head over to Easybook’s website to review train schedules and train routes so you can start planning adventurous trips to the enchanting Taman Negara as well as other nearby attractions in Merapoh.

Merapoh Railway Station Contact Details

Merapoh Railway Station, Kampung Gua Lima, 27210 Kuala Lipis, Pahang
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