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Train Stations

About Nanning Railway Station

Translated as ‘southern tranquillity,’ Nanning is a modern city that is popularly known for an abundance of exciting tourist attractions. Situated in southern China, Nanning is the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. This city is the host city for China-ASEAN Expo, making it bear the name of “the Green City” which directly implies the natural beauty of lush subtropical foliage that this city holds. Nanning serves as a transport gateway for border-crossing to and from Vietnam via railway services.

Nanning Railway Station was established in 1951; then later the platforms were electrified and upgraded to get the high-speed trains fully operated. It is one of the main railway stations for the routes Nanning – Kunming, Nanning – Guangzhou and Hunan – Guangxi Railways. This train station helps to connect travellers to the main cities situated in the middle and east region of the country. Aside from domestic routes, it also covers international route to Hanoi, Vietnam. This railway station runs both regular and bullet trains to give convenience to the locals as well as foreign tourists.

How to get to Nanning Railway Station

Many city buses serve routes to and near Nanning train station from various destinations. The ticket price is ranged from CNY 3 to CNY 5 for air-conditioned buses, while non-air-conditioned ones are fare at lower prices. Travellers can take the city bus with the service numbers below to get to Nanning railway station:

City Bus Number/Service Point of Disembarkation
10, 31, 33, 50, 804 Nan Jing Lu Kou (Nanjing Road)
19, 69, 501 Hang Zhou Lu Kou (Hangzhou Road)
19, 24, 69, 204, Xixiangtang Special Line Chao Yang Lu Kou (west of Chaoyang Road)
605, 801 Railway Station
8, 18, 32, 41, 203 Chao Yang Lu Kou (Chaoyang Road)
5, 6, 7, 202, 212 Su Zhou Lu (Suzhou Road)

Most of the disembarkation points may require the passengers to grab a taxi or ride-hailing service to reach Nanning train station, but the journey will take no more than 10 minutes. As for the bus stop at Railway Station, Nanning train station is only within a 3-minute walking distance.

For direct access via train, travellers can either use Line 1: Shibu – East Railway Station or Line 2: Xijin – Yudong. Train service for Line 1 passes by 25 railway stations via Nanhu Lake and Nanning train station. While for Line 2, the train operates to 18 stations including Nanning Railway Station. Passengers can refer to the timetable provided by the train operator to check the train departure details. The train ticket price varies by the selected route ranging from CNY 2 to CNY 6.

From Nanning Wuxu International Airport, getting to the train station in Nanning can only be done by taxi. Travellers can take a taxi at the airport for a 45-minute car ride to the railway station directly and the fare approximately costs around CNY 100.

Popular Train Operator in Nanning Railway Station

China Railway Nanning Group manages railway network in Nanning rail station. The main areas supervised by the company are Guangxi and Guangdong, covering numerous trains stopping across the two provinces. They are also the ones who take in charge of organising the train schedules for all the train routes.

Popular Train Routes

Facilities in Nanning Railway Station

Situated in a two-storey building, this railway station is equipped with many facilities to accommodate all guests and passengers. An underground market as well as other shops near the entrance are provided which make it convenient for passers-by to buy some food or drinks. For travellers who wish to have a few nights stay in Nanning, hotels can be found around the square of the building. The opening hour of the train station is 24 hours, which entirely depend on the train services that are actively and continuously operating throughout the hours.

Like many other major train terminals, Nanning train station provides bus stops and a taxi stand for the public to use. Other basic amenities like waiting rooms, restrooms, ticket counters and smoking areas are also available.

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Nanning Railway Station is the central railway station serving the city of Nanning. Covering many routes domestically and internationally to Hanoi in Vietnam, travellers can use this railway service to get to any preferred destination easily. Getting to famous attractions in Nanning can also be done by using the public transportations provided in this city such as the city bus, sightseeing bus and taxi. Some of the tourist attractions that are accessible via city buses include Mt. Qingxiu, Xijiao Zoological Park, Guangxi Museum and Shimen Forest Park.

Train ticket from Hanoi to Nanning is available through online booking system on Easybook, where the reservation can be made by following a few simple steps. Just browse to Easybook website to review the train schedule and other important details such as the train fare and departure time. Instead of buying the train ticket over the counter, the seat in the train can be booked online conveniently at home.

Nanning Railway Station Contact Details

Zhonghua Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning
Not available

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