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About Batu Gajah Bus Terminal

The uniqueness of Perak’s natural beauty ranges from white sandy beaches and amazing underwater treasures to a number of magnificent caves dating back thousands of years complimented with an undisturbed setting of a natural rainforest. It is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia and is a land prized by the natural tropical beauty and rich in a history of culture. Traces from past period tracking back to the years during British colonization are still visible with exquisite historical values.

Within a small rustic suburb in Perak, Batu Gajah Bus Terminal (locally known as Terminal Bas Batu Gajah) connects the public to many places outside of the region. Also known as Kuala Pilah Bus Terminal, the terminal is in Perak’s Kinta District and it is about 24 kilometers from Ipoh, the capital of Perak. Among the popular routes taken via Batu Gajah Bus Terminal include routes heading to Ipoh, Klang, Kuala Lumpur (KL) as well as Singapore.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Batu Gajah Bus Terminal in Perak

How to Get to Batu Gajah Bus Terminal

To get to the bus station in Batu Gajah, access can be attained via express buses, local buses as well as taxis crossing the town. Taxis operating to and from Batu Gajah Bus Terminal can be reached as there is a taxi point located nearby the bus station. Train services heading towards the bus station is also accessible whereby the nearest train stop is KTM Batu Gajah via railway services by KTM.

Popular landmarks around Batu Gajah include the famous Kellie’s Castle, Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Course and an old Batu Gajah Courthouse which was established in 1892. Frequent bus services are provided via Batu Gajah Bus Terminal for the public's convenience to head towards many exciting destinations. Schedules upon bus departures getting to and from the bus station in Batu Gajah is now available for review on the website for a convenient travel.

Popular Bus Operator in Batu Gajah Bus Terminal

The only bus company operating in Batu Gajah Bus Terminal is Plusliner.

Facilities in Batu Gajah Bus Terminal

Batu Gajah Bus Terminal is as convenient as any decent bus station with several facilities provided for the convenience of public use. It is a casual place with minimal amount of crowd and for confirmation on bus schedules and ticket prices operating via the Batu Gajah Bus Terminal, kindly review the bus tickets on the available ticket counters.

The building of the bus station is a single-story building with several bus platforms and a taxi stand. Easy access can be attained to get to TF supermarket and other convenient stores along with food stalls nearby the bus terminal. Basic amenities such as washrooms are also available, and all provided facilities are within walking distance with no proper means of transportation required.

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Be either the narrator of the many stories that will be gathered or embark on a journey of mystery, excitement and luxury with friends and family in the magnificent world of Perak. Discover new places to see and entertaining activities to do in Batu Gajah by using bus services operating via Batu Gajah Bus Terminal and head to exquisite attractions such as St. Joseph Catholic Church, God's Little Acre, Castle of King Billah, Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 and the great Kellie’s Castle.

Getting around Batu Gajah Bus Terminal will be of no hassle as it will be surrounded with warm and welcoming locals to guide the way. An easy online bus ticket booking is now provided on Easybook through an easy-to-navigate platform for the convenience of planned as well as unplanned trips to the bus station in Batu Gajah. Follow this simple guideline to book a bus ticket now via Easybook.

Batu Gajah Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Address: Jalan Gopeng, 30200 Batu Gajah, Perak<br>
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