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About Nilai Bus Terminal

The Nilai Bus Terminal is located in Nilai, a diverse town located in Negeri Sembilan, well-known for its wholesale markets and a number of illustrious universities such as INTI International University and Nilai University. The town’s growing diversity can be seen with the presence of students from all over the world. The proximity of the town with KLIA1 and KLIA2 is also convenient with travellers whom just arrived in Malaysia.

Travellers come to Nilai for some retail therapy at reasonable prices but there is more to explore in Nilai, particularly the nature. Places like the Nilai Public Park is a great setting for outdoor activities and family picnics, while Bukit Melati Nilai serves as a new alternative for hiking, be it with family or with friends.

While the exterior of the bus station is rather simple, it’s unwavering importance is evident as the town’s transportation development is a huge contributor in connecting Nilai to near and far away destinations. The terminal is connected with shop buildings across the street via a pedestrian bridge, which is useful for those who have a hard time crossing roads. Lastly, the waiting area of the terminal also has two aisles for buses and taxis respectively and is rather easy to get by.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Nilai Bus Terminal in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

How to Get to Nilai Bus Terminal

The Nilai Bus Terminal is prominently located in the older parts of Nilai town and rest assure that the Nilai Bus Terminal is highly accessible by various bus services that are available as well as taxis. Travellers who came from the airport can get there by ride-sharing platforms.

There is also the Nilai KTM Komuter station which connects passengers from Negeri Sembilan to Selangor and beyond. The Nilai Bus Terminal is very close to the train station and it would take less than a five minutes’ walk from the train station to the bus stop.

Popular Bus Operators in Nilai Bus Terminal

There are many options of bus operators that travellers can choose in the Nilai Bus Terminal, namely Perdana Express and Queen Express.

Facilities in Nilai Bus Terminal

The bus station has been around for quite some time and it is a fundamental point for the people in Nilai when it comes to transportation. Being in the midst of the town, buses and taxis regularly operate from and to the station. There are several ticket counters available to purchase bus tickets and to know about the bus schedule. But to avoid any hassle, online booking for bus tickets is an effective way to go, and travellers will get to look over schedules, departing and arriving info for assurance.

Besides that, the Nilai Bus Terminal provides a sheltered waiting area and a vending machine for departing passengers. It is also equipped with a few payphones, just in case. Other notable aspects are nearby parking lots around the station, as well as convenient stores, restaurants and small street vendors surrounding the area. Passengers can rest and enjoy some food and drinks while waiting for the bus to arrive.

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With a wide network of transportation options that Nilai has to offer, getting to the Nilai Bus Terminal is rather easy. The town is an established educational hub and prospects students whom are interested in seeing the campuses can always use the bus service for an affordable alternative. Riding the bus is an excellent way to be familiar with the area and take in the sights. Create memories by exploring Nilai and experience it first-hand.

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Nilai Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Jalan Station Nilai 1, Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.
017-913 5878

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