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Koh Kradan Beach Resort Ferry Terminal

Thailand is popular among the tourists mainly for its islands that lie across the Andaman Sea at the Southern part of Thailand. Island-hopping has become an essential activity to do in Thailand as each island offers its unique wonders of nature. One of the islands that provides a good getaway experience is Koh Kradan. This small island features beautiful coral-sand beach and stunning underwater life for travellers to explore. It is a right spot for snorkelling, kayaking, watching the sunset as well as other fun beach activities that can be done throughout the day. 

No village or local life is residing in the area of Koh Krandan; only several resorts are boasted on the island mainly to serve visitors, which include the famous Koh Kradan Beach Resort. This resort serves mostly travellers a luxurious type of accommodation, and it is also a ferry port for passengers to disembark from the boatFerry service that cruises to this resort is operated from various piers and main ferry terminal of the other islands. Daily ferries heading to Koh Kradan Beach Resort are provided according to the ferry schedule. 

Popular Routes 

How to Get to Koh Kradan Beach Resort 

The easiest access to Koh Kradan Beach Resort is by taking boats or ferries from the mainland (Trang Town) or other designated ferry ports that serve a route heading to Koh Kradan. Trang Town serves a pier called Kuan Thung Pier, which is the main departure point to Koh Kradan Beach Resort. It takes an approximated time of one-hour journey on boat to Koh Kradan Beach Resort 

From other islands, the departures include from Phuket, Koh Lipe, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Koh Muk to name a few. Be reminded that the timetable may change according to the seasons. 

Popular Ferry Operator in Koh Kradan Beach Resort 

The ferry services travelling to and from Koh Kradan Beach Resort are handled and managed by Tigerline Travel Co., Ltd (Thailand). The ferries and boats run according to the ferry schedule prepared before the trip of the day. 

Facilities in Koh Kradan Beach Resort Ferry Port 

There is no ferry terminal in Koh Kradan Beach Resort; it only has a pier that serves as an arrival and departure port for ferry or boat. Therefore, no facilities are available here except a standard walkway connecting to Koh Kradan Beach Resort. Like many other beach resorts, in-house facilities are provided by Koh Kradan Beach Resort such as free Wi-Fi, restaurant and of course, comfortable rooms for the guests to stay in. 


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Koh Kradan Beach Resort Ferry Terminal

เกาะกระดาน Tambon Ko Libong, Amphoe Kantang, Chang Wat Trang 92110, Thailand
+66 75 211 391

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