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About Lang Tengah Jetty

Lang Tengah Island, or locally known as Pulau Lang Tengah is another nature’s best-kept secret preserved in the state of Terengganu. This small island lies in between the two famous Perhentian Island and Redang Island. Despite being a smaller island compared to the other two islands, Lang Tengah Island is graced by the tropical combination of white sandy beach, perfect crystal-clear blue waters and swaying coconut trees.

This secluded island receives lesser visitors, which makes it more peaceful and relaxing. There are four resort hotels available that offer customers Lang Tengah Island packages that include accommodation promotion and added activities on the island. Snorkelling and diving activities are usually favoured during the peak season as the water is calmer which is perfect to check out the underwater life.

Many have reviewed Lang Tengah Island as the true definition of a stunning island. Located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Lang Tengah Island is 40 kilometres away from Kuala Terengganu by speedboat from Merang Jetty to the Lang Tengah Jetty.

Popular Ferry Route

Popular route from Lang Tengah Jetty

How to Get to Lang Tengah Jetty

Travellers can get to Lang Tengah Jetty from Merang Jetty, in which it is a port town in Terengganu located an hour away from Kuala Terengganu. Upon arriving in Merang town, grab a taxi or book a ride-sharing service to Merang Jetty that takes about 20 minutes. Bus services from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Johor and Penang are another available options for those who plan to travel across the state directly to Merang Jetty.

It takes about 30 minutes for the speedboat to transport passengers from Merang Jetty to Lang Tengah Island that are usually organised by the resorts on the island. Make sure to check with the respective resorts on the schedule prior to the trip. Be careful not to be confused with Marang Jetty as it operates boats to Redang Island as both jetty names are differed by a letter.

Popular Ferry Operator

Speedboat trips to Lang Tengah Jetty are managed by the resorts in Lang Tengah Island.

Facilities in Lang Tengah Jetty

There are no facilities provided in Lang Tengah Jetty as it only functions as an arrival and departure point from Merang Jetty. The wooden pier built at the jetty is used to connect passengers to the island.


Lang Tengah Island is an ideal trip for travellers who are seeking for a relaxing getaway surrounded by the tropical forest and beautiful beaches. The island is less-commercialised compared to Perhentian and Redang Island; therefore the number of visitors here are less. Lang Tengah Island is accessible from Merang Jetty with the very convenient 30-minute speedboat ride to Lang Tengah Jetty.

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Lang Tengah Island, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
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