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About Tawau Ferry Terminal

Sabah is a part of the Borneo island, located on the northern part of Malaysia Borneo. Tawau is among the three major towns in Sabah that shares good portions of tropical rainforests. Situated on the south-east coast, Tawau is known for its tobacco, cocoa and palm oil productions with places of interests such as the Tawau Waterfront, Tawau Hills National Park, Teck Guan Cocoa Museum and Tawau Tanjung Market.

Tawau is the district that connects Sabah and North Kalimantan border. Many locals and foreign tourists would travel to Tawau are because the major gateway to cross the Sabah – North Kalimantan border is located here. Tawau Ferry Terminal is the new sheltered ferry terminal built to ease transferring process between the routes. The building is equipped with air-conditioning system and Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) services for the international boarding process for passengers.

Tawau Ferry Terminal operates ferry trips to Nunukan and Tarakan Port, Indonesia. Ferry trip to Nunukan requires an hour journey, while the ride from Tawau to Tarakan Port takes about 4 hours instead. The Tawau Ferry Terminal is closed on Sundays, and some of the ferry trips are not provided daily. The schedule varies every month, and it is advisable for passengers to check the ferry schedule beforehand.

Popular Ferry Routes

How to Get to Tawau Ferry Terminal

From Tawau Airport, it takes a 35-minute drive to Tawau Ferry Terminal and visitors can either use taxi or ride-sharing services as these two are the only transport choices available. Buses are provided for visitors and the locals to get to Tawau Ferry Terminal from other nearby cities and Sabah districts.

Getting to Tawau Ferry Terminal from Pelabuhan Tunon Taka (Nunukan) or Tarakan Port Indonesia is accessible by ferry. The ferry routes play an important role as it is the only connection to pick-up the passengers departing from Tawau Ferry Terminal.

Popular Ferry Operators

Mid East Express manages ferry trips to Pelabuhan Tunon Taka (Nunukan), while Indomaya Express operates trips to Tarakan Port. Both services are operated from Monday to Saturday, as the terminal is not open on Sundays.


With an upgraded development of Tawau Ferry Terminal, the building has basic passenger facilities and the strict security makes the terminal area more safe and secure. Getting an Indonesian visa in Tawau is also simple with the help of the staff there, who will guide the guests on the process. Ferry information display is available on the screen showing the updated and latest schedule of the ferry services.

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The ferry routes provided make it easier for locals and travellers to transport themselves to Kalimantan, Indonesia from Tawau Ferry Terminal. The ferry services are scheduled accordingly, but the operators may apply changes. Tawau Ferry Terminal provides useful services for passengers especially for visa process, as the procedure will not take that long.

Crossing the Kalimantan Border from Tawau is possible by taking the overwater trip by ferry. Ferry tickets can be booked easily from Easybook website without hassle.

Tawau Ferry Terminal Contact Details

Bandar Tawau, 91000 Tawau, Sabah
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