Take a ride with KTM train to Johor

Take a ride with KTM train to Johor

Johor is one of the Malaysian states that have a booming economy and that means that trade is one of the main activities in this region. Besides that there are plenty of thrilling attractions found here. Furthermore along the way as you travel by train, there are hundreds of eye catching attraction that people love to view and even take photos. Probably those are the main reasons why thousands of people travel to this region every year. Journey by train to Johor is less tiring and takes a medium duration of traveling depending on the states.

You can take a train ride from Singapore - Woodlands for instance, and the drop off point is at Segamat, JB Sentral, Kluang, Kulai, Labis Johor. The train tickets price ranges from SGD9 to SGD20 depending on the class of travel.

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