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Dong Hoi Railway Station

Enriched with beautiful beaches and caves, most tourists especially among the backpackers would not miss Dong Hoi as one of the destinations to visit in Vietnam. Dong Hoi is the capital city of Quang Binh Province located at the north central coast of Vietnam. Although the city has yet to capture the attention of many visitors, everyone can expect to see stunning beaches and colourful markets upon visiting. With railway services operated in the city, travelling to Dong Hoi from other locations that are connected by rail network can be done conveniently. 

Dong Hoi Railway Station is a modern train station located in Central Vietnam that serves as one of the main railway stations for North-South Railway (Reunification Express). From this station, passengers have the option to choose their preferred coach of different classes. The trains are mostly equipped with the air-conditioning system and varied type of seats (cushioned and hard seats) to give passengers a pleasant train ride. Some of the popular train routes running from Dong Hoi Railway Station are Dong Hoi – Hanoi and Dong Hoi – Sai Gon.  

How to Get to Dong Hoi Railway Station 

The best and easiest way to get to Dong Hoi Railway Station is by taking a train that commutes to Dong Hoi. Numerous railway stations are linked to Dong Hoi rail station, among them include Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Minh Khoi, Vinch, Dong Le and many more. So, passengers can depart from any connected train station to get to Dong Hoi. From Lao Cai station in Vietnam and Nanning station in China, passengers will have to make an interchange in Ha Noi train station to proceed to board on another train heading to Dong Hoi. It is advised to refer to the train schedule or timetable and map to properly visualise how the train routes connect. 

Express buses from other major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho in Vietnam to Dong Hoi are also available. This can be used as an alternative if travellers prefer travelling by bus. Once arrived at the bus stop in Dong Hoi, grab a car or motorbike taxi service for a 10-minute ride to Dong Hoi Railway Station. 

Popular Train Operators in Dong Hoi Railway Station 

Three train operators serve train services in Dong Hoi train station, namely Violette Express, Livitrans Express and Vietnam National Railway. These three operators have established themselves well in the railway industry, hence passengers are guaranteed to be served with quality services and comfortable train rides.  

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Dong Hoi Railway Station in Vietnam. 

Facilities provided in Dong Hoi Railway Station 

Functioning as a normal train station, there are no advanced facilities offered here in Dong Hoi rail station. Only several basic amenities provided for the convenience of public use such as toilets, waiting area and benches. This station runs its services within the usual opening hours. 

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Dong Hoi Railway Station is one of the operating railway stations for North-South Railway (Reunification Express). The trains from this train station pass by many other railway stations, giving the opportunity for the locals and travellers an easy travel journey from other destinations to get to Dong Hoi by train. This method of travelling within Vietnam is rather hassle-free as passengers will be accompanied by stunning sights along the journey.   

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Dong Hoi Railway Station

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