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About Kuala Krai Railway Station

Kuala Krai is a small town in the state of Kelantan located within the boundaries of Kuala Krai District. Before the town was established, Kuala Krai used to be part of the Malaysian tropical rain forest. But after going through a rapid development including the establishment of railroad service, this small town is now populated by many people.

Ever since the railway network was introduced in Kuala Krai, the town has become a part of the train services that are frequently used by the public. Kuala Krai Railway Station began its operation in the 1920s and currently, the station serves the KTM Intercity East Coast Line. The train runs from JB Sentral, Gua Musang, Dubong, Tumpat and right through other towns in Kelantan.

There are several attractions that visitors can find upon visiting Kuala Krai, some of them include Lata Berangin Waterfall, Tasik Krai (Krai Lake) and Taman Burung Kuala Krai (Kuala Krai Bird Park). These attractions are all accessible by car from the train station as they are located within short distances.

How to Get to Kuala Krai Train Station

Boarding a train is the easiest way to get to Kuala Krai. If passengers take a train from Kuala Lipis, an interchange is needed in Gua Musang train station to reach Kuala Krai train station directly. Taking the train via JB Sentral – Tumpat – JB Sentral route does not require any interchange, so passengers can straightaway board a train from any station that is a part of the route.

Getting to Kuala Krai Railway Station is also possible by bus. Kuala Krai Bus Station is located only around 200 metres away from the train station, that is equivalent to a short 2-minute walk. Public transportation options in Kuala Krai are limited to only train and taxi services, so if travellers want to get to the train station from any area within the town, it can be done by taking a taxi or car-sharing ride.

Popular Train Operator in Kuala Krai Railway Station

KTM Intercity trains Kuala Krai Railway Station are managed by KTM Berhad (KTMB), a railway company that has been providing train services throughout Peninsular Malaysia for centuries long. The train services here run daily and accordingly following the train schedule arranged by KTMB.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Kuala Krai Railway Station

Facilities in Kuala Krai Railway Station

Every train station must at least accommodate basic facilities for passengers and guests to use. Kuala Krai is completed with a set of amenities to serve everyone who comes by and the list includes a prayer room, toilet, free parking space, sheltered waiting area and a canteen.

There is also a nearby restaurant situated just next to the train station where guests and travellers can have a meal while waiting for the train departure. All facilities in Kuala Krai Railway Station are provided for everyone to utilise at convenience.

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Besides the bus, Kuala Krai can be reached by boarding the KTM Intercity train service from various destinations. With online booking platform provided at Easybook, train tickets can be purchased conveniently only within minutes. Train schedules can be reviewed online, and everyone can personally customise their trip by selecting the preferred train route at the search box. Just browse through the website where the booking process can be done with no worries!

Kuala Krai Railway Station Contact Details

Kuala Krai Railway Station, Pekan Kuala Krai, 18000 Kuala Krai, Kelantan
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