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Bandar Seri Begawan to Lawas Bus Services

Located between Temburong in Brunei and Sabah in Malaysia is Lawas town. This small town in Sarawak has transformed into a major point of transit between the three connecting cities of Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei. For those who are in Bandar Seri Begawan, you can safely travel by bus from Brunei to Lawas when you purchase your bus ticket safely through Easybook when you follow these few simple booking guide we have prepared for you. Whether you are heading to Lawas to taste some delicious Sarawakian food or to watch how the locals celebrate the final day of Chinese New Year called Chap Goh Mei, we are ready to kick start that adventure for you.

This town used to be known as a sleazy place back in the ‘70s until the early ‘90s together with the nearby town of Limbang. Since it has been redeveloped into an urban town with new residential buildings, shops, shopping complexes and fixed the roads, the two places in Sarawak has transformed into an amazing place for many tourists to come through. The investments have been used to revamp the hotels as well making Lawas a wonderful town to visit these days. The community here speaks Brunei Malay, Kedayan, Lun Bawang and Hokkien, so there is a lot of great culture going around in Lawas upon visiting.

Bus Schedules & Routes From Bandar Seri Begawan to Lawas

Travel with Sipitang Express, which is the only bus company that offers trip from Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei Darussalam to Lawas in Sarawak. That particular route only travels once a day in the morning as early as 8:00 AM. By taking the Sipitang Express, you are required to go through the Brunei immigration checkpoint which is located about 20 KM from Lawas before you can continue on your trip. The process to get stamped should be fairly quick depending on the time needed to clear everyone on the bus that you are riding with.

Things to do at Lawas

Though Lawas is usually perceived as a quiet town, there are actually several things that are worth checking out. Continue reading to find out what are just some of Easybook’s recommendation to make your Sipitang Express bus ticket worth the purchase upon arrival in the quaint part of Sarawak.

You would want to see things that you do not normally get to in the city centre like the water villages at Kuala Lawas that are standing on stilts by the river. You can buy some fresh seafood too if you are in luck at some of the shops nearby. If you are looking for more fresh fish, head over to Punang Beach to either shop for some or just to witness how the caging of fish farm looks like here. Locals and tourists will visit the mangrove forest along both side the road of Awat Awat River, which is completely common in this part of Sarawak town.

Take a break to recharge and visit Merarap Hot Spring in Limbang that is about 70 KM from Lawas town. The hot spring sourced from one of the mountains is surrounded by jungle with a rustic feel for a relaxing experience. Pools and private baths are also available to choose from. If you are feeling adventurous, then take on the white-water rafting experience by the fast-flowing Trusan River.

Known for its fine rice and apple yard, the Ba’kelalan village at Limbang Division’s Maligan Highlands. Just approximately 150 KM from the Lawas town, the name is a combination of Kelalan River and Ba’, which basically means wet lands in Lun Bawang language. The cooling weather of Ba’kelalan makes it easy to grow fruits like mandarin oranges, apples and vanilla, as well as rice. This town has progressed over the years that Ba’kelalan is the access point to Kayan Mentarang National Park in Krayan, Kalimantan.

Food to Find at Lawas

Now let us talk about food starting with the Lun Bawang Nasi Bungkus, which is a rice dish that is wrapped in a leaf that is best served with tapioca leaves and salted fish because it is easy to be carried for any occasion. The other item is called Salai or also known as Tahai are smoked Tamban fish that have been preserved for very long time, which is usually made for a dish called Masak Lemak to give it that extra flavour.

If you are looking for noodles, it is necessary that you try out the infamous Sarawakian food Kolo Mee that consists of noodles mixed with light soy sauce, fried onion, spring onion chips and lard. Mix the ingredients in the bowl and you are ready to have a tasty meal any time of the day. You can find various types of noodle dishes when you are in Sarawak to make that trip with bus from Brunei to Lawas so much worth it.

Whether you are planning a trip to visit your relatives or go try out all the amazing food that we have recommended in this post, let Easybook start your travel plans when you book your bus from Brunei to Lawas conveniently. Gone are the days when you have to queue up at the counter just for one bus ticket. With Easybook, you can get your bus ticket no matter the time or place because we are always ready to serve you.

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