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Best Guide from Kuching to Betong

Best Guide from Kuching to Betong

Kuching City is the capital and the highest populated city in Sarawak state in Malaysia. The city is also the capital of Kuching division. It is situated on Sarawak river at the southwestern tip of Sarawak state in Borneo Island. The city covers an area of around 431 square kilometers and is a major food destination. It is also a major getaway for travelers. Betong is a town in Betong Division in the Saribas area of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is situated between three main rivers, Batang Saribas, Batang Lupar and Batang Kelaka.

A bus trip from Kuching to Betong is the best way to travel between these two destinations. The first reason is the fact that roads around Kuching are generally good and passengers should not be scared of being thrown up and down during the journey due to bad roads. Another advantage is the fact that there are numerous bus companies on this route for passengers to choose from and buses are always available at the bus terminals with luxurious and comfortable waiting lounges like at the Kuching Sentral and the regional express bus terminal. Another benefit of travelling by bus is that using a bus is cheaper compared to other means like taking a flight or hiring a car. The buses on this route are also air conditioned therefore passengers do not have to worry about discomfort during the journey

So by purchasing your bus tickets online at Easybook.com, travellers can enjoy the booking by just sitting at one place. This is very convenient for travellers as it saves them the trouble of having to go to the booking offices to purchase tickets, instead, they can do it from their homes and offices. Bus Asia (Biaramas) is one of the express bus companies that offers this bus services from Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal to Betong. The ticket prices are also fairly reasonable which is around RM30.

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