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Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia to Bintangor, Sarawak, Malaysia Trip Information
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Best Guide from Kuching to Bintangor

Best Guide from Kuching to Bintangor

Kuching city is the most populous city and it is the capital of Sarawak in Malaysia. Kuching is also the capital of Kuching division and it is being situated on the Sarawak river .Kuching city is the main gateway to travellers and major food destination that get into Sarawak and the other places around it. Kuching is a safe place and provides a clean environment for the stay of travellers and visitors. Because of this the locals take pride that their city is the cleanest in the large Malaysia and their diverse cultures. Do not hesitate to inquire direction if you doubt that you are getting lost in Kuching city since the locals here are helpful.

Bintangor was formerly called Binatang town and is now the capital town of Meradong district in the division of Sarikei. Bintangor is located in the east of Malaysia along Rejang River. In between the 70s and the 80s boats used to connect Bintangor, Sibu and Sarikei, but these days road connection between these towns has been developed thus it is now providing a faster means of transport. Bintangor town is well known for its gastronomy, including Bintangor Kampua and Bintangor orange.

The bus journey from Kuching to Bintangor provides a customer friendly service which is environmental friendly and safe. Biaramas which is also known as Bus Asia is one the express bus company that offers these bus services from Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal. The bus services have got unique features like the air conditioners .They have unique features like air conditioners which provides cool air. If you take a bus from Kuching to Bintangor it will be better for you to book for your ticket online since you will save on your money by avoiding travelling to the counter for more than once. Booking for your ticket online will also help you to avoid queuing in order to buy a ticket. You can buy a ticket now and pay for it in a later date.

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