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Best Guide from Malacca to Genting Highland

Best Guide from Malacca to Genting Highland

Travelling from Melaka to Genting Highlands by bus is cheap, dependable and convenient. Passengers don’t need to arrive hours before the scheduled departure time as they would have done with air travel. They don’t have to wait in line to check-in and pass security. With bus travel, you avoid extra fees for Wi-Fi, extra space and seats.

Bus travel is an excellent alternative to airlines and the best way to use time in a more productive way. On-board amenities on buses have evolved through the years. Wi-FI, power outlets and lap desks on some of the luxurious buses have appealed to business travellers because they can continue working while traveling and spending less.

The trip from Melaka to Genting Highlands begins from Melaka Sentral Terminal. The 707 Travel Group company offers trips to Genting Highlands with prices that start from RM40 per trip per person. The express bus services offered by 707 Travel Group are usually in the morning around 10am.

Bus travellers recommend to book early, even a day before departure to make sure that tickets are available. The trip to Genting Highlands can take more than three hours by bus from Melaka. The bus can get cold, so travellers are recommend to bring along a sweater or coat to warm yourself. The long, cold journey will be rewarded with spectacular views of the mountains and the countryside. Enjoy the pleasant experience of spacious bus seats recommended for the whole family.

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