Jingga Travel Bus Service 

Based in YogyakartaJingga Travel is a local Indonesian bus company offering transfer services to the country’s capital of Jakarta. As Jingga Travel is among the many bus companies available within Indonesia, the operator is continuously competing to provide a reliable and ideal connection to Indonesia’s capital. With many bus tickets offered, Jingga Travel aims to provide quality bus services departing from Yogyakarta 

Jingga Travel Bus Route & Schedules 

Different bus schedules are provided for a journey with Jingga TravelBuses by the operator primarily depart from Yogyakarta or Jogja heading to the famous capital of Jakarta. Jingga Travel bus tickets are available within an affordable range and can now be conveniently purchased online for fast bus ticket booking.  

Popular Route 

Amenities/Facilities on Jingga Travel 

Jingga Travel offers its bus services via MPV vehicles and several minibuses. Each vehicle comes with seven comfortable seats to assist a relaxing journey. On top of that, all buses by Jingga Travel are also fully equipped with an air-conditioning system for a cooling as well as a pleasant trip to the designated destination.  

Reasons to Travel with Jingga Travel 

Striving to offer quality bus services, Jingga Travel is consistently working hard towards improving its efficiency to enable a pleasant journey for all its guests. Each journey is managed by responsible, trusted as well as friendly drivers who are always welcoming guests on board for a trip with Jingga Travel.  A selection of bus schedules as well as bus routes is also made available to cater for a flexible and convenient trip. 

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Get Jingga Travel bus tickets today through Easybook’s secure online booking system. Book bus tickets on Easybook where many bus tickets are available with many bus schedules and a variety of bus routes to get to destinations including Jakarta and Bandung. Review bus schedules as well as courses on the website via easy navigation and book Jingga Travel bus tickets with just a few clicks.  Check out trips by Jingga Travel and book affordable bus tickets online for a cheaper journey around Indonesia 


Jl. Diponegoro No. 5 Jetis, Kota Yogyakarta, 55233, Indonesia
Tel: +62 85228 498744


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