Lantra Jaya

PO. Lantra Jaya may still sound unfamiliar to bus transportation enthusiasts. In fact, this bus has existed serving its passengers for more than 20 years since the early 1990s. This land transportation company is based in Lahat, Sumatra. Its fleet consists of 18 buses. Time passing by has not made Lantra Jaya's bus service decrease in quality, but it has been continuously improved by adding larger and more buses and opening new routes.

Thus, the service provided to its passengers certainly improves and passengers are definitely very satisfied with the services provided by Lantra Jaya. Lantra Jaya continues to be committed to providing the best service for the comfort of passengers while on the journey. Of course, for Sumatra buses, it is common to make long distance trips. So it's not surprising if in the middle of the journey you feel sleepy or tired. In such conditions, the driver team of each bus must have two drivers to alternate and one helper.

The routes served by PO. Lantra Jaya include Jakarta - Lahat. The presence of Lantra Jaya buses in meeting the needs of passengers certainly makes it very easy for passengers who want to travel to Sumatra using land transportation, and vice versa. From the fleet that it owns, it is certainly very comfortable for users of its services.

Cross-Sumatra trips using land routes are long journeys. Therefore, the comfort of passengers using land transportation services is certainly prioritized. To support comfort, Lantra Jaya buses use Mitsubishi engines in almost all of its fleet. By using the latest Mitsubishi chassis engine, the quality of Lantra Jaya's fleet can not be doubted. Where for quite heavy terrain on cross-Sumatra trips is very easy to pass and passengers inside it are certainly very comfortable and calm.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Lantra Jaya Jl. Daan Mogot No. 9B, Tanah Tinggi, Tangerang, Banten
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