Bus to Cameron Highlands

Travelling by bus to Cameron Highlands

If you are looking to spend some exotic holiday in Cameron Highland then you have arrived at the right place. Online ticketing enhances the experience of touring various places in Malaysia. It is one of the crucial elements for travelling far off distances. Cameron Highland is often termed as the ideal holiday destination as its natural beauty and mountains compel travelers to stay for longer periods. In terms of transportation, buses are preferred as compared to taxis and other vehicles since it indulges its passengers with necessary comfort and relaxation, whereas if you hire private taxis then it might cost you a lot of money.

Why travel in a bus to Cameron Highlands

Buses are one of the ideal modes of transportation as it instills confidence in passengers to travel all alone. Its reliable nature attracts tourists from far off places as they prefer buses as a prime mode of transportation. There are various types of buses such as express bus, luxury bus etc. but the seating arrangement and the facilities offered on each bus varies from coach to coach. Moreover, these buses often reach their destination prior designated time as passengers intend to check in to their hotels within the given time frame. Not only that, buses maintain a fixed schedule which helps passengers to complete their journey within an allocated time period, and alighting passengers at the perfect drop off point.

The main drop-off point in Cameron Highlands includes: Tanah Rata Bus Terminal

Prominent Coach Companies offering bus rides to Cameron Highlands

There are several coach companies that offer a bus to Cameron Highlands and each one of them strive hard in order to offer exceptional services to their passengers. Not only that, they are known for their tight schedule and time management skills as they drive safely in order to transport their passengers on time. They offer unique experience to their passengers along with premium services. The passengers are often stupefied seeing the natural beauty of Cameron Highlands as its visible mountain ranges vary from one range to another. Apart from that, it is considered as an ideal holiday destination for couples and families. Most families usually prefer to book full coach for travel as they intend to enjoy the most relaxing atmosphere at Cameron Highland.

Some of the well-known express buses from KL to Cameron Highlands include: Billion Stars, Unititi Express

Some of the well-known express buses from Singapore to Cameron Highlands include: The One Travel & Tours, Konsortium (Singapore)

Schedule and Pricing for travelling to Cameron Highlands

The pricing for each seat at Cameron Highlands is quite nominal though the prices vary from one place to another. For instance, bus from Penang to Cameron Highlands ranges from MYR32 to MYR40. The services offered on board are truly amazing. Apart from that, these buses are usually available throughout the day as they start departing towards Cameron Highland from 8:00 AM till evening. These buses ply on their usual routes to Cameron Highland as it one of the premier destinations in Malaysia. Thousands of tourists visit Cameron Highland each year to experience its majestic beauty and calm nature. Malaysians are often seen with their families heading to Cameron Highland for vacations as it is an ideal tourist destination. The bus operators equip their coaches with modern facilities so that the passengers can enjoy their trip.

* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.