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About Alor Gajah Bus Station

Alor Gajah Bus Terminal

The quiet town of Alor Gajah located at the north side of Melaka has gone from being a route for wild elephants during the Naning War in 1832 to become a developing district in present days. Besides being known a relatively quiet town in Malaysia which usually see travellers heading back hometown to visit their family or students who are furthering their studies there. The Alor Gajah Bus Terminal offers the opportunity for bus operators to offload passengers from other cities to Alor Gajah and pick new passengers from Alor Gajah heading to other cities at the same time.

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Things to do in Alor Gajah

Although you may not be in the main town of Melaka, Alor Gajah is still a great place to fit in some weekend activities with your family and friends to learn more about their cultures. All that is needed is for you to arrive at Alor Gajah Sentral Bus Terminal once you have purchased your tickets on our website.

If you see the infamous asymmetrical dagger of keris landmark, you will immediately know you are already at Alor Gajah Square. This relaxing place with the large bronze sculpture is a significant feature of the town, especially since it is surrounded by colourful-painted shophouses.

Take a 15-minutes’ drive from Alor Gajah Square is theme park A’Famosa Resort that promises a lot of for the entire family. People from all over Malaysia and even Singaporeans come here for a quick staycation with their family as they enjoy the various amusement parks available. This integrated golf resort offers 27-hole golf courses to kids oriented facilities such as Animal World Safari, the A’Famosa Resort could be your perfect weekend.

You can’t go travelling without immersing into shopping activities when you are in Malaysia. Freeport A’Famosa Outlet Village at Jalan Kemus has over 70 brands under one roof is right outside the entrance of A’Famosa Resort. It celebrates the state’s European heritage through its Dutch colonial architecture that also features a lake with fountains and windmills.

If you prefer a quiet activity, check out the Tradition and Custom Museum or just simply known as the Alor Gajah Museum. Just 25 KM away from the Melaka town, have a walk through the Malay house architecture as you witness the artefacts and activities that were carried out by the locals, as well as the customs and traditions of a Malay wedding ceremony.

For those of you who loves the outdoor and nature, there are plenty of green places for you to explore such as the Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest that is 880 meter above sea level with an amazing view if you are willing to hike three hours to the top of the mountain. Live in the nature as you check yourself into El Sanctuary Homestay in Alor Gajah. This is the perfect place if you are looking to escape the city life as you will be part of nature as you sleep in beautiful wooden houses.

Feeling hungry? You must try the town’s infamous ikan bakar dish whenever you visit Alor Gajah. Ikan bakar is a charcoal-grilled fish which literally translates as “burnt fish.” There are various restaurants that you can go for this within Alor Gajah, so try this dish that comes marinated with either sweet soy or spicy sauce according to each individual’s style and preference. There is also kuih udang, which are shrimp cakes that resembles a serving of rojak. It is sometimes served with cucumber, fish cakes, tofu, nuggets and topped with its special sauce. Once you tasted this, you would return for more mouth-watering shrimp cakes.

All of these travelling experience starts when you book a bus ticket via Easybook that stops at Alor Gajah Bus Terminal in Melaka. A purchase of Cepat Express bus ticket can get you to Alor Gajah Sentral and beyond when you book them through Easybook website. Let Easybook , complete your journey when you embark your next adventure to Alor Gajah bus station from Butterworth Bus Terminal in Penang or TBS in Kuala Lumpur. Just follow these simple steps on how to book your bus ticket and you will be on your way to create new memories. Alternatively, you can download our mobile app to your phones for free and book your desired bus ticket at any time and any place.

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