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Kent Ridge was previously named as Pasir Panjang Ridge, but later in 1954, it was renamed after the Duke and Duchess of Kent by the Governor of Singapore to commemorate their visit. Kent Ridge is located in Pasir Panjang, near to the Queenstown Planning Area.

The area houses main housing estates and most of the residents would use public transport services to travel around nearby places. Queenstown area is also known for HortPark and Kent Ridge Park with the main campus of National University of Singapore (NUS) also located here.

Having many locals reside in this area, Kent Ridge Bus Terminal was built as a better public transportation alternative for the locals to get around the neighbourhood easily. The terminal is situated at the southwest corner of NUS, along Clementi Road. It serves as the stopping point for bus routes serving the university and around Pasir Panjang and West Coast, where residential areas are located.

Students or visitors can get to NUS easily by getting on their Internal Shuttle Bus services. Bus 95 is the SBS Transit Bus Services that serve NUS Kent Ridge campus with connections to few MRT stations, Kent Ridge Bus Terminal and few other bus stops.

Both Kent Ridge Bus Terminal and Kent Ridge MRT Station are located at different places. Kent Ridge Bus Terminal does not have a direct connection to Kent Ridge MRT station. Therefore, if visitors would like to go to Kent Ridge MRT Station, bus services are provided from Kent Ridge Bus Terminal to Kent Ridge MRT station.

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How to get to Kent Ridge Bus Terminal

Within Singapore, visitors can take bus, MRT and taxi services to get to Kent Ridge Bus Terminal. Although both MRT station and bus terminal in Kent Ridge share the same name, both are not located nearby. It takes a 7-minute drive from Kent Ridge MRT Station to get to the bus terminal.

Visitors can either take a taxi or bus to go to Kent Ridge Bus Terminal. Be reminded that MRT services do have a direct stop at Kent Ridge Bus Terminal, visitors must take bus at any bus stops that have connections to the terminal upon arriving at Kent Ridge MRT Station.

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Kent Ridge Bus Terminal is an open terminal where it does not provide any public amenities. This terminal serves as the terminating point for bus routes that serve NUS campus. Sheltered walkways and waiting areas are provided at this terminal to facilitate passengers.

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The location of this terminal is strategic for NUS students as it is located close to the campus. Students from other areas can have convenient trips to the campus and nearby residents can also often use the bus services provided at this terminal to get to their home. A visit to Kent Ridge Park can be done from Kent Ridge Bus Terminal by taking a 14-minute bus ride stopping at Harbourside Ind Bldg 2 and take a 10-minute walk upon arriving to reach Kent Ridge Park.

Kent Ridge Bus Terminal Contact Details

Kent Ridge Bus Terminal, along Clementi Road
+65 6777 5232

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