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About Bus Terminal Kuala Lipis

Kuala Lipis was a former gold-mining centre before the British arrived here in Malaysia and also previously known as the capital state of Pahang. Hence, the town itself is prospered with magnificent colonial buildings and the hilltop houses of the previous British residents are now classified as a museum and a hotel for tourists.

Surrounded by aesthetically pleasing greenery, Kuala Lipis is one of the must-visit places here in Pahang. The Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal also known as Anggerik Bus Terminal is situated near to the Pahang River and the luscious tropical rainforest of Kenong Rimba Park. Fortunately, there are various means of transportation to go to the Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal that is surrounded by luscious greenery.

Travellers can book their bus tickets to go to Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal via our Easybook website and prepared to be enchanted by the magnificent scenery along the way.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal in Pahang

How to Get to Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal

Getting to the Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal is quite easy and accessible. Travellers can commute to the bus terminal by boarding from their current destination or even by taxi. In this era of technology, any service that we need is just a step ahead! Thus, travellers can use the ride sharing applications to book their way to the Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal as well.

Popular Bus Operators

Travellers can use a couple of bus operators available in Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal to desired destinations such as Pahang Lin Siong Motor and Express Mutiara.

Facilities in Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal

The Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal is considered as a bus station in the town of Kuala Lipis. The bus terminal itself is quite big compared to the old one. Hence, there are much more space and sheltered waiting areas for the travellers to rest and wait upon their buses. A taxi stand is also provided to help travellers to get to their destinations faster and easier.

Besides that, there are a few convenience stores and food stalls available for the travellers to buy some beverages and foods. The Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal provides other amenities too such as washrooms and a couple of ticket counters.

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The Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal is a new bus station located in the town of Kuala Lipis. Travellers can discover new interesting places and attractions in Kuala Lipis by boarding a bus from here. Not only is the Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal surrounded by luscious greenery of Kenong Rimba Park, it is located near to the housing areas and a few other facilities as well.

That being said, the Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal is easy to locate and booking a bus ticket through Easybook website is just a click away! Please follow the given guidelines to book your ticket departing from Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal to your destinations now before it’s too late.

Kuala Lipis Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Bas Terminal Kuala Lipis, 27200 Kuala Lipis, Pahang
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