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About Stesen Bas dan Teksi Kulim

Kulim Bus Terminal is considered the main bus station that can be found in Kulim, Kedah. The bus terminal provides long-distance bus services and operators to and from Kulim that are available within the country.

During the middle 1960s, the present Kulim Bus Terminal was on the port side of the Kulim Wet Market, so travellers will be able to look on at the business happening in the market as they board their buses. The wet market still exists up until today and the name has been changed to “Pasar Besar Kulim.”

Not only that this is the main bus station in Kulim, but there are also several attractions that can be found near the Kulim Bus Terminal too as its location is strategic and convenient. Travellers can visit Kulim Lake Garden which is located nearby the Kulim Bus Terminal to explore the fun activities that can be found there or simply take a stroll while waiting for the buses to arrive.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Kulim Bus Terminal in Kedah

How to Get to Kulim Bus Terminal

Commuting to Kulim Bus Terminal is accessible through various modes of transportation. Besides the bus, the locals mainly use the taxi services conveniently to get to the Kulim Bus Terminal. However, there are no train services nearby to get to the Kulim Bus Terminal.

Besides that, the locals can choose from a few choices of ride-hailing applications available for download on the smartphone to book a ride to the station. Those who live nearby can ask a favour from their family or friends to drop them off at the Kulim Bus Terminal either by car or motorcycle. Those who live nearby can also walk to the bus terminal conveniently.

Popular Bus Operators

Passengers can choose from a couple of bus companies operating in the Kulim Bus Terminal including Jasmine Express and Persada Express.

Facilities in Kulim Bus Terminal

The Kulim Bus Terminal has a few functional and convenient facilities ready for the use of the public. Besides providing bus services, the terminal also allocated a taxi stand where travellers can use the service to go to desired destinations. Hence, there will be a sheltered waiting area for the comfort and convenience of public use.

Besides that, there are different choices of food stalls selling food and drinks, as well as some convenience store around the Kulim Bus Terminal. The Kulim Bus Terminal provides some ticket counters, as well as other amenities that can be found within the bus terminal itself such as the washrooms.

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Kulim Bus Terminal acts as the main bus terminal in Kulim, Kedah. As for that, it has many attractions around the area of the bus terminal. Not only is the Kulim Bus Terminal near the housing areas, it is also located near the Kulim Lake Garden, where travellers can take a short stroll while waiting for their buses.

The Kulim Bus Terminal is easy to locate and very convenient, especially for those who live nearby. They can either choose to commute by taxi, book a ride on a ride-hailing service, be driven by family members or friends, or even walk to the Kulim Bus Terminal.

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