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Home to a diverse mix of local as well as international tastes, Sims Place in Singapore is at the heart of many fun activities. Be it shopping, exercising, relaxing or even indulging in a hearty meal, a fulfilling day out can be guaranteed with numerous attractions found within the neighbourhood including the famous Sims Vista Hawker.

Along the kerb of Sims Place’s vicinity, Sims Place Bus Terminal is a roadside bus terminal located just outside Block 51. The bus stop is now one of the few surviving terminals established in the 1970s era as it was common during those days to structure roadside bus stops. One of a handful of roadside bus stops in Singapore, Sims Place Bus Terminal serves the small housing estate of Sims Vista and surrounding commercial buildings.

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How to Get to Sims Place Bus Terminal

Due to its nature as a roadside bus stop, approaching Sims Place Bus Terminal will be of no hassle via various modes of Singapore’s comprehensive public transportation. Spotting the bus stop is also feasible as it is situated just by the main road whereby passengers can take taxi services for a quicker journey. For train services, the nearest MRT connection is Aljunied Station.

Bus schedules for the buses operating via Sims Place Bus Terminal are available for review on the website to provide a convenient and planned trip. This simple and compact bus terminal provides frequent bus schedules to a wide variety of attractions all around Singapore.

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Started its operation in 1976, the establishment of Sims Place Bus Terminal was meant to compliment the construction of housing board flats around Sims Place. Many basic amenities are available to ensure convenience for bus services to and from Sims Place Bus Terminal.

Sims Place Bus Terminal is a distinct bus stop serving a passenger waiting area whereby buses park along the left side of the road. Alighting and boarding bay is sheltered with adequate seating provided with a directory board on bus numbers and bus routes provided. A short walk away is Block 49 Market & Hawker Centre, where there are public toilets and food stalls. Other nearby amenities include HDB Sims Drive Branch Office and Aljunied MRT Station.

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The city-state of Singapore has a variety of modern trappings and it is compact with effortless navigation required. Beyond its gleaming and vibrant night scene, the most interesting part of Singapore is the presence of multicultural residents living harmoniously. The island may be small, but there are tons of amazing things to do, taste and see.

The cheapest and easiest way to get around Singapore is via their extensive public transport system that is modern and well-maintained. Sims Place Bus Terminal provides numerous bus services with a variety of schedules heading to many attractions. An easy online bus ticket booking platform is now provided on Easybook with effortless navigation for the convenience of planned as well as unplanned trips to Singapore.

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Sims Place Bus Terminal, Sims Place, Singapore 884009
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