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Koh Phayam Pier Ferry Terminal

As the second largest island in the Andaman Sea, Phayam Island or Koh Phayam captures the attention of tourists for its tropical sights of beaches and nature. This island is significantly unique compared to other islands as it does not have much development built in the area. Travellers who prefer a quiet and relaxing island trip should consider including Koh Phayam in the travel list. Despite having more than 20 accommodations established, visitors can still see the authentic view of untouched nature as the beaches preserve its natural beauty. 

Koh Phayam Pier is a small ferry port that serves as a departure and arrival point for passengers who travel from the mainland in Ranong. It is the only pier available on this island and travellers who cruise on a boat to Koh Phayam will be dropped off at this pier. 

Popular Route 

How to Get to Koh Phayam Pier 

Getting to Koh Phayam can be done quickly by taking a boat or ferry from Ranong. As it is distanced by 30 km away, the cruising journey takes around 2 hours from the mainland in Ranong to Koh Phayam Pier by slow boat and 40 minutes by speed boat. The boat is served daily, but frequent trips are provided for speed boat 

From Bangkok, travellers can take a bus to Ranong or flight to Ranong Airport. Upon arriving at the bus terminal and airport in Ranong, grab a taxi to get to the ferry port in Ranong to catch a boat going to Koh Phayam. 

Popular Ferry Operators in Koh Phayam Pier 

There are two operators that offer ferry services in Koh Phayam Pier which are Nava Andaman and Taikak Pier. Both companies are known for providing return trips between Ranong and Koh Phayam.  

Facilities in Koh Phayam Pier 

There is nothing much provided in Koh Phayam Pier. A walkway for the passengers to get to the boat is stretched out above the water. Located just nearby to the pier, travellers can find some restaurants and an agent that sells ferry ticket heading back to the mainland. 


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Koh Phayam Pier

Ko Phayam, Mueang Ranong District, Ranong, Thailand
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