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About Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal

Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal, also known as Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal is located at Stulang Laut in Johor Bahru. This ferry terminal is an official seaport as well as international entry point in Southern Malaysia. Thus, this ferry terminal serves sea transportation services to our neighbouring country, Indonesia including Batam and Bintan Island.

Berjaya Group has bought over the property and renamed it to Berjaya Waterfront Ferry Terminal in 2013. However, the road signage made by the local government of Johor Bahru has maintained its name as “Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal.” The location of this ferry terminal is located within the duty-free complex, about 4 km away from Johor Bahru city centre.

The ferries operating in Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal are spacious, fully air-conditioned, and comfortable for public use. The ferries serve 1.5 hours trip to Batam Island (Batam Centre) along with 3 hours to Bintan Island (Tanjung Pinang).

Popular Ferry Routes

Popular route from Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal in Malaysia.

How to Get to Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal

Local and international travellers can choose public transportations as their means to get to Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal. Such transportations are by bus, taxi, ferry, as well as the MRT.

From Senai Airport, the ferry terminal can be reached directly via taxi. Other option is travellers can board a bus from Senai Airport and alight at JB Sentral. From there, you will need to hail a taxi to get to Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal. Instead of hailing a taxi, you can try to make use of the ride-sharing application that can be a wee bit cheaper than taxi as well.

For travellers commuting from Singapore, you can board the MRT to get to the ferry terminal. Take a trip to Admiralty MRT Station, get on a taxi or book through a ride-sharing application directly to Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal. However, there are no bus services that provide access to the ferry terminal directly from Singapore at the moment. Meanwhile, travellers from Indonesia can board a ferry from Betam and commute to Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal.

Popular Ferry Operators

There is one ferry operator that transports travellers locally and internationally from Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal. Travellers can choose to kick start your journey with Bistari Gemilang and Citra Indomas.


Stulang Laut is a bustling suburb that is situated near the sea, surrounded by many shop lots, seafood eateries, as well as commercial centres. This town is a favourite dining spots among the locals and Singaporeans who fancy the suburb’s row of tom yam restaurants along with many Chinese seafood restaurants.

Situated within the duty-free complex zone has made Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal one of the main attractions that serves as a pick-up and drop-off point for ferry services locally and internationally. Thus, there are several facilities and amenities that can be found within the premise as well as around the area.

Top features:


Stulang Laut is a suburb situated near to the sea, making it famous for dining spots that serves various choice of seafood among the locals as well as travellers. The Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal acts as one of the main pick-up and drop-off point for ferry services that mainly transports travellers that commutes from Batam, Indonesia.

Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal provides ferry services that are fully air-conditioned and spacious for the comfort of the travellers for their long journey ahead. Spend some time to shop before departuring at this place situated within the duty-free zone.

Travellers can now plan their trip to Batam, Indonesia from Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal easily through our Easybook website or mobile application. There is a simple guideline provided at the bottom of the page to assist you in reserving the ferry tickets of your choice.

Stulang Laut Ferry Terminal Contact Details:

88, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Stulang Laut, Johor Bahru
+607-221 1677 or +607-221 1672

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