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Harapan Jaya

Established since 1977 by Alm. Harjaya Cahyana, PO Harapan Jaya for the first time only operates as many as three units with the Tulung Agung - Kediri - Surabaya route pp. In 1993, CV .PO. Harapan Jaya again opened a new route with the Tulung Agung - Jakarta route pp. PO. Harapan Jaya carries the motto "Your Safety and Comfort is Our Main Goal". At present, PO Harapan Jaya serves:


PO bus. Harapan Jaya for the Trenggalek-Tulungagung-Surabaya route pp. operates 24 hours via the Kertosono and Pare lines. For this department, PO. Harapan Jaya provides two classes of buses: Patas Bus and Bus Economy (bumel). Surabaya bus classes are Patas Buses (Full AC, Audio, Reclining Seat, Toilet /Non-Toilet, Seat 2-2 with Total seat 43) with Mercedes Benz, Hino / Hino Air suspension bus engines. Economy Bus (AC / Non AC) with seats 2-3 total 60 seats, audio / no audio facilities, fixed with the Mercedez Benz & Hino Bus.

For more information, please contact the Head Office of Surabaya Bus, PO. Harapan Jaya at no. (0355) 322 937.


Night Bus PO. Harapan Jaya departs in the afternoon and evening and operates all night on the trip. The Night Bus departure schedule starts at 11:00 to 20:00 WIB depending on the departure area and destination. All Night Bus fleets use large buses with Long Chassis. Serve Blitar-Cikarang-Jabodetabek-Merak trips via the north and south lines.

For night buses, there are several types of coaches, namely Executive seats 2-2 with total seats 28/30 equipped with Full AC, audio, pillows & blankets, smoking areas, toilets, 2 x dining service, footrests & reclining seats which makes you feel as comfortable as traveling at home. For this class, you can enjoy Scania K310, 360, 380 and Mercedes Benz 1626, 1836 Buses. The Mercedes Benz 1626 and Hino VIP Seats, Seats 2-2 are all reclining seats in total 34/38, etc. Equipped with Full AC, Audio Facilities, pillow & blanket, toilet, 2x meal service, and other facilities. Patas buses, audio facilities, blankets, restrooms, full AC.


PO. Harapan Jaya also provides a Tourism Bus that always innovates from year to year. There are many choices of Tourism Buses available to meet your needs and tastes. The scope of tourism areas that can be served is Sumatra-Java-Bali-Lombok. For further information, please contact PO. Harapan Jaya tourism contact. Tourism buses are available from Executive Scania K310, 360, 380 and Mercedes Benz types 1626.1836. (seat 2-2 total 28/30, full AC, audio, pillow, blanket, smoking area, footrest, reclining seat toilet & meals 2x). VIP type Mercedes Benz 1626 and Hino (seat 2-2 total 34/38, full AC, audio, pillow, blanket, toilet, reclining seat). Jeni PATAS Scania and Mercedes Benz 1626, 1526, 1521 (seats 2-2 total 40/43, full AC, audio, toilet, smoking and non-smoking areas, reclining seats). Jenin Tourism Bus AC Scania and Mercedes Benz 1626, 1526, 1521 (seats 2-3 total 57/60, full AC, audio, toilet, smoking & non-smoking area, reclining seat). Non AC Tourism Bus Mercedes Benz and Hino AK (seats 2-3 total 60, audio /non-audio). And ELF (AC, audio, total seat 12). The tourism bus serves the Sumatra - Java - Bali - Lombok route. 

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Jl. Mayor Sujadi 23A, Tulung Agung -Jawa Timur (0355) 321620|(0355) 321624|(0355) 327575 (0355) 322505
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