Phantip Travel Bus Services

Phantip Travel (Thailand) Bus Service

Phantip Travel has grown into becoming one of Thailand’s well-established bus operator having been in the transportation industry since early 1970s. Based in Surat Thani, the operator offers excellent express bus, shuttle bus as well as ferry services for a hassle-free trip in the country. Phantip Travel is ready to kickstart a great adventure whether planning to relax by the beach at Krabi or pay a visit to the elephant park in Koh Samui. Bus ticket booking for a journey with Phantip Travel can done in just a few minutes without even leaving the house. Purchase Phantip Travel bus tickets via online booking at easybook.com today.

Phantip Travel (Thailand) Bus Trips

Known for offering services towards some of the well-known beaches in the southern part of Thailand, Phantip Travel is among the most preferred and chosen bus operators in the country. Buses provided by the operator will depart from Surat Thani and head to places including Hat Yai, Koh Lanta, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Samui, Krabi as well as Phuket. The bus operator offers its services daily with regular bus schedules to accommodate a convenient journey for all no matter the itinerary. Phantip Travel is also planning to cover a non-stop route from Donsak Pier to Phuket soon.

Types of Bus & Amenities with Phantip Travel (Thailand)

Bus services by Phantip Travel are provided with its 48-seater double-deck buses and 38-seater single-deck buses. Guests travelling with the operator can choose either variant as both offers the same onboard facilities. Inside the buses, guests can enjoy Wi-Fi access to stay connected throughout the bus ride. TVs are also installed on board for some light entertainment to assist the bus trip especially during long-haul journeys. Phantip Travel provides onboard toilets inside its buses to ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey to its destinations.

Book Phantip Travel (Thailand) Bus Tickets at Easybook

Bus tickets on board Phantip Travel are offered at affordable prices so that everyone can travel without having to worry of going over their travel budget. Phantip Travel continuously improves its services as well as facilities to serve guests as best as they can. With over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry, it is important for the operator to keep up with the various travel demands to provide a safe and comfortable trip for both its bus as well as ferry services.

Skip the hassle of going to the ticket counter to purchase bus tickets and reserve bus tickets simply by placing an online booking. Get Phantip Travel bus tickets online now under just a few minutes and enjoy a convenient way of planning a trip to Thailand. Select the desired pick-up and drop-off points, travel dates, bus schedule as well as the number of passengers online and complete the Phantip Travel bus ticket booking in no time. Phantip Travel guarantees a memorable experience. Book a ride with Phantip Travel today and embark on an efficient journey to amazing destinations in Thailand.

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