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About Hentian Bas & Teksi Muadzam Shah

Before the South-East Pahang Development Authority (DARA) established the town of Muadzam Shah, the name previously given was Bukit Ridan or Bandar 10. The town of Muadzam Shah used to be a place where the tin mining activities and searching for jade stones took place. Currently, Muadzam Shah is known as a rather quiet and tranquil but well-developed town situated in the district of Rompin, Pahang.

Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal is considered as the main bus terminal there with the name “Hentian Bas dan Teksi Muadzam Shah” seen on the building. This bus terminal is located conveniently around some well-known education institutions, government hospitals and government departments, thus students and locals from the area have an easy access to commute to various places.

How to Get to Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal

The areas surrounding the Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal provides a few means of transportation in order to get to the bus terminal. Many Muadzam Shah locals choose to commute by taxi to Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal, while students from the various education institutions nearby opt to travel by bus or book a ride from a ride sharing service.

Alternatively, locals and the students can ask their family members or friends to drop them off at the Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal since the it provides a spacious parking space for visitors.

Popular Bus Operators

There are various bus operators that travellers can choose to board with at Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal such as Maraliner and Sanwa Express.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal in Pahang

Facilities in Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal

Besides providing various bus services, the Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal also has a taxi stand for the travellers to get around upon arrival. The bus terminal features some basic amenities for public use such as washrooms, convenient stores for snacks and drinks, as well as reading materials too. Besides that, the Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal has a sheltered waiting area for travellers to wait for their buses.

Top Features:


Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal is located at the center of the well-known education institutions, thus making it one of the main bus terminal there is in the area of Rompin, Pahang. Whether it is travelling back to Muadzam Shah after the semester break or attend a music concert in Kuala Lumpur, this terminal acts as the pick-up and drop-off point for all trips.

It is very affordable to travel by bus and even easier to purchase the tickets within minutes through Easybook by following the simple booking guide we have provided. Travel to Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal conveniently today and we look forward to serving your next trip!

Muadzam Shah Bus Terminal Contact Details<

Jalan Masjid, Medan Mewah, 26810, Muadzam Shah, Pahang
+609-414 6677 / +609-414 6688 (Majlis Daerah Rompin)

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