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About Menumbok Ferry Terminal

Menumbok is a village and subdistrict of Kuala Penyu District in Sabah, located 145 kilometres away from Kota Kinabalu, near the Sarawak and Brunei border. Menumbok Ferry Terminal serves as the primary gateway for both passengers and vehicles to get to Labuan. The types of vehicles that the ferry accepts are cars and motorcycles that will be parked at the specialised barges while passengers are seated on the deck.

It takes 2 hours for the ferry to cross the sea from the mainland to Labuan, which has several tourist attractions to check out. Passengers with vehicles are advised to book the spaces early, especially during peak season where most of the areas would be fully booked.

The quicker option is to take the speedboat at the terminal to save time, which will only take 20 minutes to get to Labuan. The speedboat carries a maximum number of 15 passengers per trip depending on the size of the boat. Ferry and boat services run daily from morning until night, and the tickets can be bought at low prices ranging from RM5-RM10 per passenger.

How to Get to Menumbok Ferry Terminal

Getting to Menumbok Ferry Terminal from Kota Kinabalu is accessible by bus. The bus services are operated by Sipitang Express Sdn Bhd, where travellers can book a 3.5-hour trip from Terminal Mahkamah, Kota Kinabalu straight to Menumbok. Once arrived in Menumbok Bus Terminal, take a short 1-minute walk to Menumbok Ferry Terminal.

Popular Ferry Operator

Persatuan Bot Tambang Menumbuk manages the speedboat service, providing daily return trips for passengers.

Popular Ferry Route

Popular route from Menumbok Ferry Terminal


The facilities in Menumbok Ferry Terminal have been improved to cater to the guests’ needs better. Sheltered walkways are built at the entrance to allow easy access within the ferry terminal. The nearby bus terminal is not just only limited to express bus services, a minibus and taxi services are also provided. The minibus is often used by the locals to transfer to Beaufort, Padas Damit and other nearby areas.

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Menumbok Ferry Terminal is the mainland that serves ferry and speedboat trips to Labuan Island. The service is operated daily, and passengers can choose from the two modes of sea transportations. Ferry to Labuan usually requires a longer travel time due to its heavy-weight loading, while the speedboat transports travellers straight to Labuan. Speedboat tickets to Labuan Island from Menumbok Ferry Terminal can be booked easily from Easybook website without hassle.

Menumbok Ferry Terminal Contact Details

Menumbok, 89760 Menumbok, Sabah
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