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About Tanah Merah Airport

Tanah Merah is a quaint town located within the region of Papua in Indonesia in which the Tanah Merah Airport provides a few flight services to the surrounding area of Papua. Operated by the local government, Tanah Merah Airport serves as a hub for Trigana Air offering flight ticketwith various flight schedules made available via online booking platforms. Closed due to volcano eruption in 2015, Tanah Merah Airport has undergone several renovations as well as expansions and has continued serving thousands of passengers to date. 

How to Get to Tanah Merah Airport 

Situated close to several accommodations and facilities, travellers can opt for a local taxi ride to reach Tanah Merah Airport or simply get family members to drop them off at the airport. Valentine Hotel to Tanah Merah Airport takes around a 5-minute walk, while Hotel Mandiri and Bank Papua Tanah Merah is 2-minute drive away from the airport.  

Popular Flight Operator 

An Indonesian domestic airline known as Trigana Air provides flight services to a few cities in the country from Tanah Merah Airport. Affordable flight ticket fares are made available via online booking. 

Popular Flight Routes 

Popular flight routes from Tanah Merah Airport in Indonesia. 

Facilities in Tanah Merah Airport 

Only basic facilities can be found within the terminal complex of Tanah Merah Airport including a waiting area, toilets, check-in counters and several other necessities made accessible for guests to utilise before scheduled departures. 

Airport facilities: 

Book Affordable Flight Ticket Online 

With the practicality of online booking platforms, finding the best flight ticket deals at Tanah Merah Airport is now made easy no matter the desired destination. Travellers can also review current flight status or arrivals of various flights and various flight time online conveniently. Book flight tickets to exciting places in Indonesia online today! 

Tanah Merah Airport

Unnamed Road, Persatuan, Mandobo, Kabupaten Boven Digoel, Papua 99663, Indonesia

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