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About Yen Bai Train Station

Yen Bai Station is located in Vietnam, a country that is greatly adored around the world by its exotic and natural beauty. The railway station is comfortably placed in Tay Bac, the northern part of northern-central Vietnam, popularly known by its agriculture activities. Thac Ba Lake is a vital source of hydroelectric power in the country located just about 15 kilometres away from the town of Yen Bai. The lake is also widely called “Small Ha Long” by the locals and is seen as an essential natural wealth for Vietnam’s ecotourism. 
Yen Bai Station is usually packed with passengers from all walks of life, travelling to their preferred destinations. Yen Bai city’s amazing mountains and rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai have never failed to attract local and international tourists in visiting the place to relax their bodies and minds from the busy city environment. 
The railway station is run by one of the country’s famous train operators, Livitrans Express. The railway station has many departures a day with trains that disembark here for passengers’ convenience. In providing high standard services for its customers, Yen Bai Station ensures all trains to be well kept and maintained. The train station offers precise and regular train timetable daily to allow more freedom for passengers in arranging their journey.  

How to Get to Yen Bai Station 

The city of Yen Bai is accessible to both road and rail transportation methods. Travellers can quickly get to the station by taking train services (in the direction of Lao Chai) from any stations included in the train schedule en route to Yen Bai Station. 
Public transportations are also available from within or outside Yen Bai area, which includes metered taxis and motorbike taxis that can easily access the streets in Vietnam. Apart from that, local bus service (to Mu Cang Chai) is also available for travellers. 

Popular Train Service in Yen Bai Train Station 

There is only one main train service operating within Yen Bai Station, which is the Livitrans Express. The trains under this operator commute passengers to various destinations daily with regular train schedule for passengers’ convenience. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Yen Bai Station in Vietnam. 

Facilities in Yen Bai Station 

Travellers will be offered with basic facilities in Yen Bai Station for a convenient journey. Among the facilities provided at the rail station include public toilets and some seats for travellers to relax while waiting for their trains.  
Ticket counters are also provided at the station for visitors. Yen Bai Station’s opening hour usually runs from early morning to late evening.  
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Yen Bai Station

QL37, P.Hồng Hà, Tp. Yên Bái, Yên Bái, Vietnam
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