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About Bukit Mertajam Railway Station

Set in the town of Bukit Mertajam, Bukit Mertajam Railway Station commenced its operations in 2013 to anticipate the initiation of the Electric Train Service (ETS) by KTM. The train station is in Permatang Rawa serving as an interchange station connecting from the main line to the branch line that heads to Butterworth Railway Station.

Situated in Seberang Perai, Bukit Mertajam is widely known as one of the most developing areas in Penang with a tremendously high residential population. Due to this factor, the locals around often utilise train services to move in and out of the town. Trains via ETS run from Bukit Mertajam Railway Station to numerous stops including to Parit Buntar Railway Station in the south and Sungai Petani Railway Station in the north as well as connecting with the branch line to Butterworth Railway Station on the westside.

How to get to Bukit Mertajam Train Station

There are many options to get to Bukit Mertajam Railway Station as it is located in the middle of the town being only about a 4-minute drive away from the town centre. For public transportations, Rapid Penang bus service 801 stops at Terminal Bukit Mertajam. From the bus terminal, proceed to order a taxi or a ride-hailing services to Bukit Mertajam Railway Station which is around 6 minutes away.

The easiest alternative to get to the train station is by boarding a train. ETS trains running between Padang Besar and Gemas make a stop within Bukit Mertajam Railway Station. KTM Komuter trains covering the northern region also stops in the train station along the route between Butterworth – Padang Besar as well as Padang Rengas – Bukit Mertajam.

Popular Train Operator

Train operations within Bukit Mertajam Railway Station are fully operated by KTM Berhad offering regular as well as competent train services. KTM is a trustworthy operator providing various train services including KTM Intercity as well as KTM ETS. Its features have been a much-needed improvement for passenger’s convenience in their travels.

Popular Train Routes

Popular routes from Bukit Mertajam Railway Station in Penang


With an abundance of elements in store, Bukit Mertajam Railway Station offers numerous amenities. Facilities such as ticket counters are provided inside the train station allowing easy ticket collection upon train departures. Queries regarding train routes as well as train schedules can also be made at the counters. For the convenience of train passengers, a waiting area can also be utilised as well as toilets for both men and women.

Prayer rooms are also available in the station with several convenient stores located nearby the train station. Other extra features included are water coolers and vending machines as well as a parking space on the station’s grounds for those who wish to drive to the station.

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Bukit Mertajam Railway Station was primarily constructed to commute people to various destinations. The locals regularly utilise the train station as it serves numerous train services with frequent schedules provided by KTM including direct trains via ETS. On top of that, Bukit Mertajam Railway Station also serves as an interchange station allowing easy train interchange for distinctive train routes. With regular train schedules, opening hours for the train station is before the first train departure at 5:36 AM until 11:00 PM.

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Bukit Mertajam Railway Station Contact Details

14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

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