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About Gua Musang Railway Station

Gua Musang is a small remote town situated in the Gua Musang District of Kelantan bordered by the state of Pahang, Terengganu and Perak. The town is surrounded by breath-taking views of limestone hills and caves, which are popular among the rock climbers and cave enthusiasts. The stunning views in Gua Musang have attracted the attention of many visitors, especially nature lovers as it offers an exceptional experience for them to explore in this picturesque destination.

Stationed within the town, Gua Musang Railway Station conveniently serves as a land public transport option for the locals and travellers to travel to Gua Musang. This train station provides the KTM Intercity East Coast Line service covering several routes to various destinations daily between JB Sentral and Tumpat. Gua Musang station serves as a terminus for Kuala Lipis – Gua Musang route and operates as a first departing station for the route from Gua Musang to Tumpat.

The railway route between JB Sentral and Tumpat is served only once per day, stopping at numerous train stations in Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang and Kelantan. KTM Intercity services in Gua Musang train station are operated every day, commuting passengers to any destinations that are scheduled in the routes. The locals often use this train service because it has stops in small towns where most of the residential areas are located.

How to Get to Gua Musang Train Station

The easiest access to Gua Musang Railway can be made by taking the KTM Intercity East Coast Line train where travellers can board from any train station routing to Gua Musang. Keep in mind that the train operates according to the schedule, so the travel duration varies by the departing station. For example, if boarding the train from Tumpat, it takes around 4.5 hours for the train to arrive at Gua Musang station.

Getting to Gua Musang is also possible by bus as the nearest bus terminal is Terminal Stesen Bas SKMK. From the bus terminal, it only takes 5 minutes’ drive to Gua Musang Railway Station. There is no shuttle bus available in the town and the only available option to get to Gua Musang train station is by taking a taxi or car-sharing service.

Popular Train Operator in Gua Musang Railway Station

KTM Intercity trains in Gua Musang Railway Station are fully managed by KTM Berhad. They have been serving railway networks in the nation for centuries and they strive to continue improving their train services to accommodate the convenience needed by the public.

Popular Train Routes

Facilities in Gua Musang Railway Station

Since this train station only serves the KTM Intercity trains and does not receive other major railway networks, there are only basic train station amenities provided. Among the facilities include toilets, free parking, benches and sheltered waiting area, which are adequate to facilitate passengers and guests at the station.

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KTM Intercity trains in Gua Musang Railway Station is owned and operated by KTM Berhad. The service in this station is provided daily according to the schedule, allowing passengers to travel from Gua Musang to Negeri Sembilan, Johor and numerous towns within the state of Kelantan itself. Gua Musang is also home to one of the popular tourist attractions in Kelantan which is the cave in Bukit Gua Musang (Gua Musang Hill).

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Gua Musang Railway Station Contact Details

Gua Musang Railway Station, 18300 Gua Musang, Kelantan
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