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About Guilin Railway Station

The city of Guilin is known to have four railway stations for each offering and operating high-speed trains across multiple destinations within China. These railway stations included Guilin Railway Station, Guilin North Railway Station, Guilin West Railway Station and Yangshuo Railway Station. Travelling by these high-speed trains is undeniably time and cost efficient, considering many major cities in the country experience huge traffic congestions. 

Serving as the firstt train station in the city, Guilin Railway Station operates about 100 daily high-speed trains to its popular routes such as Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming and heaps more towns. Initially built in 1938 and renewed in 1977, this train station is easy to access with local transportation services as it is located near the city centre. Check out Easybook online booking platform for more comfortable train ticket purchase at the comfort of one’s home. 

How to Get to Guilin Railway Station 

There are several means of local transportation services travellers can opt to take to get to Guilin train station. Whether travellers are coming from the downtown area or places far from the train station, convenient transportation services will assist in transporting travellers hassle-free. 

Besides train service, travellers can choose to take a local bus from multiple stops around the city to Guilin railway station, such as from the Government of Xiangshan District bus stop, the Station Bus Stop, Xiangjiang Restaurant as well as Tian’etang. Travellers arriving by bus will be dropped off in front of the square. 

Moreover, the nearest taxi stand to Guilin train station will be from Elephant Trunk Hill which takes about 10 minutes to arrive, while from Seven Star Park takes at least 15 minutes to reach the railway station. Arriving travellers can as well take a taxi from Guilin International Airport which takes approximately 45 minutes.  

Popular Train Operator in Guilin Railway Station 

Violette Train is a well-established train operator in Vietnam offering trips with varied timetable including train fare to railway stations in China.  

Popular Route 

Popular train route to Guilin Railway Station in China from Vietnam. 

Facilities in Guilin Railway Station 

Similar to other railway stations in China, Guilin train station has a two-storey station building that comes with a front square allocated for bus stops and taxi stands. Level 1 is where the main ticket hall is situated. There are also waiting rooms, train platforms, and washrooms found on this level. Meanwhile, on Level 2, travellers can look for the bullet train ticketing office, other waiting rooms, convenience stores as well as washrooms too.  
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Guilin is a scenic town, and one of the best tourist destinations in China and the city is near several picturesque limestone mountains and formations. Other attractions included the Li River, Longsheng famous for Longji rice terraces, Yangshuo which is a small county downstream from Guilin and heaps more! This makes Guilin an excellent base for exploring the northern end of Guangxi Province.

Travelling to different cities in China is known best by using their convenient high-speed trains. Through Easybook online booking site, travellers can review train schedule and purchase their train tickets practically anywhere and anytime without hassle alongside lower train ticket price. 

Guilin Railway Station

Guilin Rail Station, Zhongshan South Road, Xiangshan District, China
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